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  1. How do people listen to their music?
  2. I will go to an artist and put all their songs on Shuffle or go to my recently added and listen to it in order.

    Sometimes I'll go to specific albums and put it on shuffle, depends on what I feel like listening to.
  3. but you shuffle?

    i do that sometimes if im casually listening , but to listen to something and appreciate it, i like to go start to the artist is a writer and the album is a book.
  4. The only albums I listen to from start to finish with no shuffle are Man on the Moon and Relapse.
  5. I am totally against shuffling. It's just retarded to purposely mix up the songs hat the artist already put in an order. Also when I'm listening to live shows I always listen to the show from start to finish, pretty much to simulate actually being there.
  6. you should listen to pink floyd the wall. or if not that then another concept album or live show, but any album works ^

    yeah im with you on that, chili peppers live when you get to hear flea's bass or frusciante's guitar, definatly is close to simulating bein there live.
  7. Kid Cudi is really really untalented

    Start to finish is the best way to listen to an album

    American Beauty
    Dark Side of the Moon
    Rubber Soul
    Sgt. Pepper's
    White Album
    Abbey Road
    Deja Vu
    Axis: Bold as Love

    Ready to Die
  8. sadly there arent too many albums with every song being im a playlist kinda guy...ill name a few albums i can listen the whole way through:

    all pink floyd (besides the a HUGE PF fan but i hate the wall...i think it sucks with the exception of a few songs), zeppelin, late beatles stuff, jimi hendrix, slightly stoopid
    rage Against the machine (self titled album)
    MgMt - Ocular spectacular
    OK computer - radiohead
    californication, stadium acraduim -RHCP
    Superunknown - soundgarden
    10,000 days, lateralus - Tool
    idk maybe more but thats all i can think of

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