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    The Black Widow had poor posture. Then she was face down in the dirt. We have plenty of drama, an excess of drama, as far as I'm concerned.

    Events of any sort are generally frowned upon at this stage of the proceedings.

    I'm still cracking seeds; I've got a couple soaking right now, and it will be two weeks since I started on Monday, so two weeks seems to be cutting it a little close.

    Perhaps, once I am entirely done with solo cups, three leafsets all around, we can do some dehydrating. We have a ways to go before we get there. Until then, media shall remain damp at all times.

    The Yankees are getting shellacked. I need to prep a solo cup and calibrate my new pH meter, which looks suspiciously like my old pH meter.
  2. OK, fine, I suppose the Black Widow was drama enough... I think the SLH should be fine. Ok, I guess I can be happy with less drama for awhile.
  3. She looks OK, though I'd like to see her standing taller.



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  4. Congrats Alatar, they're looking good.

  5. Nice little family ya got starting there! Sory to hear about the black widow... almost got the black & white pack myself...

    Since you mentioned it I just thought I would chime in and say that Pure Power Plant is incredible... hands down some beautiful plants here is a picture of my roomates
    @ week 7

  6. Thanks, LIsmoker. It's good to have something going.

    Thanks, man.

    That is a beauty, for sure.

    Welcome to the grow, Dr. Stubz.
  7. Nice job Alatar! My seedlings are literally exactly like yours right now, except im doing bubble buckets/bagseed. FINALLY, after hours of working and figuring out how to use my new PH meter, how much PH Down to add, etc, my grow room is finally set up, plants in the buckets, bubblin' away and all =D

    Like I said, ill stay tuned. Hoping that both our grows turn out bountiful:cool:
  8. Hey Alatar :wave: just caught up on your journal man, really glad to see your SLH coming along, that one is a light feeder just like the LSD and usually problem free until flowering LOL

    Sucks about the Black Widow though, mine is above ground and doing well so I'll hopefully be reporting on the smoke here soon :)

    Keep up the good work, can't wait to see you rock that 600 watter!
  9. Cool!

    I glad to hear that you are off to a good start. Here, at the very beginning of the grow, that bounty at the end seems so far away as not to matter. We have a lot of growing ahead of us. That's going to be fun. That's what I am looking forward to. These seedlings are a bit terrifying, they are so fragile, but the terror should fade over the next couple of weeks. Then the fun will start. :D

    Hey, Ed, good to see you! Yeah, I am looking forward to getting that HPS fired up. That is going to be fun. :D I'm glad to hear you got that Black Widow going. I figure that SLH will make me weep the first time through, but then I'll get the low down on her and she'll be mine, provided I get a second leafset out of her. We'll see. It's good to be growing again, that's for sure.

    I just planted my Eldorado bean a couple of hours ago. It was the bottom of the ninth. The Rangers were up at bat. As I recall, :rolleyes: Mariano Rivera was pitching. It was a most auspicious time in which to plant a seed. My Durban Poison went into the coco at the same time. Very exciting stuff. :D

    There are some baseball blogs that I read every day. Yankees blogs. There are some very good ones. Anyway, we just went through 6 days of waiting for the ALCS to start, so the bloggers had a lot of space to fill. On one site, in one of their daily posts, they speculated about what some of the individual Yankees players were doing during their downtime. Some of it was quite funny, but maybe you have to be a Yankees fan. They saved the team's closer for last. This is what they had to say about Mariano Rivera:

    Being the speaker. Being the listener. Being the giver. Being the sustainer. Protecting us from the front and back. Protecting us from the north and the south, from above and below. Protecting us from all directions. Being full of perfect knowledge of truth and awareness. Being full of bliss and pure consciousness. Being truth, consciousness and bliss. Being the absolute awareness. Being full of supreme wisdom and knowledge.
    Being the earth, water, fire, air and the space. Being the root foundation of speech. Being beyond the physical, mental and causal bodies. Being beyond the three aspects of time: past, present and future. Being eternally established in the muladhara chakra. Having three shaktis: action, knowledge and will.

    He's a good pitcher, too.

  10. Oh my god dude, trust me I know. Im dreading this part. Once I get past the seedling stage (In soil at least) im fine, but its just getting past it that is the hardest flippin' part. I've probably killed at least 20 seedlings =( A few were due to shitty weather, but still.

    Oh well, that's why i am here, to learn and get better!:hello::gc_rocks:
  11. Subbed, I'm about a week behind u. 3 out of 4 of mine just sprouted. Bubblicious, Kandy Kush, and Lemon Skunk ;) Have some Pure Afghan planted too, waitin on it to do somethin.
  12. The grow is on! It's so cool that so many grows are just kicking off. Winter grows. That sounds like quite a lineup. Good luck with it, Lookup.

  13. How true! I'm starting an 8 strain SOG on Monday. I foresee an excess of bud porn here on GC around the holidays. Green Christmas anyone?

  14. haha, might not even need to buy a Christmas tree this year :D
  15. That would be so cool, a giant ganja tree all decorated and presents piled beneath her. Man, that would be a festive time of year. Maybe if you time it right you can harvest the x-mas buds after opening presents. Just fantasizing:smoke:
  16. Hey Alatar, Good looking sprouts you have my friend!

    I flipped to 12/12 yesterday on my solitary bagseed grow so the show should be starting soon...
  17. Eight strains! Very nice. Very ambitious. Which strains? How big is you flower space? What size containers do you plan to flower in?

    I'm working on getting it up to 6 strains here. Two gallon pots is the plan and 32" x 35" x 8' is the space. I suppose it will be a SOG once we get going. A pool of green, anyway.

    That brings a story to mind.

    Thanks, buddy.

    Sounds great! Early flower is the best of times for cannabis plants.
  18. im havin' a hard time pickin' out my x-mas tree:eek:

    rangers got lee goin' tonight????? them yanks:rolleyes: and on the grow...we have ignition:hello: peace deacon:smoke:
  19. Very nice. :D I'd go with the one on the left.

    Nope, some guy named Colby Lewis. Lee goes in Game 3.

    So we do. :smoke:
  20. That's rough dude, real rough.:D

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