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  1. looking good shes gonna take off over the next week <----my good vibes

    also i just finished harvesting my 1st plant lots of pics on my page ended up at 2 1/2 oz wet altogether 70 days from seed:hello:
  2. I'm along for the ride Alatar. I am a coco-newb. :)
  3. Nice pics man:rolleyes:. Looking forward to watching the AK grow. AK or White Russian will definitely be on the list for my next grow. You wouldn't happen to know what the differences are between AK-47 & 48 would you?
  4. Congrats Alatar !!!

    I would like to reserve my bid for a future name.

    "Carmelita Scarbone" from the song "Catholic girls", Frank Zappa, I forget the album.

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    the mothers of invention live at the fillmore east was one of the most off the wall..genius albums...remember those.....suzy...suzy creamcheese...a little ugly on the side...they broke the mold on frank;) the ak is a fuzzy little biatch..aint she...keep swinging for the fence ..Alatar..too bad about the rays...pitchin' let us down and shitty time for the whole team ta slump...texas put up lee twice so they go in this week at a disadvantage in my take
  6. Go little AK go
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    Thanks for the vibes, area 51 and congratulations on your harvest. Nicely done.

    Thank you, Herr Doktor.

    Jed, I had heard you say that your next grow was going to be in coco. That's great. You are going to like it. Welcome to the grow.

    AK-47 is the original strain bred by Serious Seeds. AK-48 seeds are presumably F2s or later of AK-47 seeds purchased on the open market. AK-48 is a knock-off, a chip off the old block, or that is what we are left to surmise. That is what Nirvana does. They market recreations of popular strains at a lower price point. AK-47 seeds are rather expensive.

    Thanks, Freak. I think this grow is starting to get a little traction.

    Excellent name and yours to assign, for sure. Joe's Garage is the album, one of my favorites.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Frank Zappa - Catholic Girls + Crew Slut[/ame]

    We were lucky to have him. Suzy Cream Cheese is a masterpiece, originally released on the Absolutely Free album in 1967.

    If you keep on zooming in, eventually everything gets fuzzy. Even physics, apparently.

    Here we go.

    It was a grueling season, a neck & neck race that went on forever. Both teams got worn down. Then the Yankees drew the soft target, the Twins. The Rays, on the other hand, got the team of destiny, the Texas Rangers.

    That is one of their disadvantages, certainly. :D

    She's looking pretty good today. They all are. :smoke:
  8. 2010-10-14, Thursday
    Big Buddha Blue Cheese day 8 from seed
    Super Lemon Haze day 2 from seed
    AK-47 day 1 from seed

    Everyone is standing tall and looking strong. I think we've got us a grow!

    Blue Cheese


    Super Lemon Haze





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  9. Let the good times roll... :wave:
  10. :confused:i'm thinking of trying the slh next. northern lights or power plant
  11. Ah, those mood swings between elation and despair. It must be germination time.

    You can't lose with any of those choices, Herr Doktor, if what I read is true, but I have not grown any of them out myself. Power Plant is on my list also. I've never had a desire to grow Northern Lights, but that is probably an oversight on my part.
  12. I will be about a week or two behind you bro - my first grow ends in the next few days.
  13. Hooray! The Necromancer rides again! ...hmm, that doesn't quite sound right. Oh well:smoke:
  14. The Garden


    I had to pick which seedling would be out of focus. I opted for the AK-47 in the foreground, who is looking a bit stretched. The Super Lemon Haze on the right is not so stretched, but her posture is not very good.


    I have to prep some coco for the next pair of seeds. I think I'll engage in a little stem burying while I'm at it. I left a bit of room for that this time.

    Another 59 solo cups?

    Yeah, I was thinking of switching my avatar label back to that, but I'm hoping that things settle down in a couple of weeks, though I'm not sure why I think that's going to happen.


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  15. I too am using a shower stall for my grow. Stayin subbed to see how it goes!:wave:
  16. LOL no i am just going to do 4 - 5 plants and i am going to grow them tall. Gonna grow northern light and blackjack probably
  17. Another shower stall! Excellent. Good drainage. :bongin:

    Welcome to the grow, CA MMJ.

    Ah, much scarier. You'll see. :p

    They will certainly do that if you let them. With every plant I've grow so far, height has been a concern. Now that I have upgraded my flowering light, it should be less so, but I'm using the opportunity to move to taller plants, so the concern remains.

    I had to do a little research on the Blackjack. It looks interesting. That will be a tall plant. It sounds like a great grow!
  18. 2010-10-15, Friday
    Big Buddha Blue Cheese day 9 from seed
    Super Lemon Haze day 3 from seed
    AK-47 day 2 from seed

    I added some medium to the solo cups containing the AK-47, rear right, and the SLH, front right.



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  19. I'm sorry, I miss the drama you used to have... now the issues are "the SLH has poor posture" I wish I had your problem. My problem is typically the seeds didn't sprout at all. Although I did manage to lose two seedlings from one of my last batches. I don't suppose a dehydration event would be good here, would it? Maybe in two weeks? We could schedule it and do simultaneous dehydration events... it'll be great!

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