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  1. 'Freedom's' a good name, just sayin'. ;)

    As it would man, that's more than any stoner should have to put up with.:(

    You'll love that blue cheese, real nice strain imo. :wave:
  2. Well C**p! That's no way to start my morning. Sorry to hear about the widow. Still early though, you could always pop another seed, in honor of her short life and all...
  3. It's an excellent name, and you are rockin' it. One of my favorite words, actually. Beats the crapola out of 'liberty'. Though it is good to have choices.

    Part of the game. Just got to roll with it.

    Sounds good. There was a flurry of BB Blue Cheese grows last year about this time, but then it seemed to drop out of sight. By then I owned my beans, but I didn't take the sudden loss of interest to be a good sign. But I bought it, and actually managed to germ it, so I'll grow it and see. :)

    Thanks for visiting, Free.

    Yeah, it's too bad about that one. But there are a lot of Black Widow seeds in the world, and hopefully they will keep making more. In the mean time, yes, I shall have to choose a substitute. But before we get to that, I want to see what germs and what doesn't of the original lineup.
  4. 2010-10-13, Wednesday
    Big Buddha Blue Cheese day 7 from seed
    Super Lemon Haze day 1 from seed

    Our Super Lemon Haze seedling, I guess I have to call her a seedling, appears to be trying to make a go of it. She isn't actually upright, but she isn't quite lying down in the dirt either, and she is showing a bit of green. She is doing better than I expected.


    The AK-47 has broken the surface and lost its helmet (with just a little bit of help) and now needs to unfold a bit.


    The Blue Cheese seedling grows each day, slowly.



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  5. i am also having troubles getting a 6th seedling going i even decided to go looking for the one in the soil and i couldn't even find it i blame it on a grow room grinch coming in at night lol
  6. thats the thing about autos...they can be a bit hinkey ta get going....on my sharksbreath and cole train i put them into my amended coco medium and nute burned the piss outta them from just what was in the now for the first couple weeks i just use straight coco /perlite with no stuff added and it really made a diff...couldn't figure it out at first..lost one...but the others doing well..just a thought:smoke:
  7. Yo Frankie! My how that line of green dots above your headshot has grown! You repasaurus you!

    Tough break on the widow. Sounds like plenty of tricks up your sleeve though.

    My farming has been placed into a forced hiatus due to the girlie's displeasure in my venue selection. Apparently the living room floor is a bit too public. :rolleyes: This has me more than a little concerned, because my previous yield of 14 grams (which was quite nice, thanks!) has dwindled to about one. (!)

    I'm not sure if following your grow will allow me to vicariously enjoy the whole project, or spur me to contemplate/negotiate new farmland. In any case, I'm in.

    Go Rangers!
  8. Bob, it's good to see you.

    My seedlings seem less than impressed with my reptitude.

    Outliers aside, I expect rep correlates to post count. It's not my animal magnetism, because I'm very careful about hiding that. I don't want to frighten the plants.

    Something is bound to germinate eventually.

    I could see how a living room grow might become a bone of contention. I am fortunate to have some discreet corners in which to grow. I hope you and your lady can arrive at a happy solution. And I am certainly happy to have you along for the ride.

    Ha-ha! That's a good team. I was hoping for the Rays. They don't have Cliff Lee. It's going to be a fun series. :D
  9. A good thought. I'm using plain coco and perlite. They won't get anything to eat for at least ten days. Did I say ten days? I meant two weeks. :rolleyes:

    We've got pixies. If you examine the photo of my blue cheese seedling closely, you'll notice that they got pixie dust all over it. Varmints! :devious:
  10. AK-47 Update



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  11. (Freak is still at the back door doin security, but his ears perk up to attention...)

    Varmints ?!! Wheres dem varmints lol !!!

  12. I've got pixie traps all over. They like peanut butter.
  13. Tough Luck so far on the seedlings ! But youll pull through Im sure ! On a brighter note, It looks Like the Cheese and SLH will be great !

    What are your back up genetics gonna be , I may have missed it !
  14. LOL loving your fuzzy little AK
    FYI i got bud porn up just harvested one of my ladies.

  15. :eek: Pixie traps, I like peanut butter but I don't like the traps you set. :D

    On name selection perhaps you might consider Free the AK, Free the could put a rap together with all those girls your pimping now. :laughing:
  16. Yeah, we're getting nicked up in the first inning, here. It's a Darwinian thing. We're finding out which seeds can survive me.

    I do hope the SLH makes it. I want to sample that smoke.

    What has he gots in his pocketses, eh Precious?

    Well, it's like this, I'm hoping that if I can maintain an air of mystery, no one will notice the stench of fear. :p Besides, it's the promise of those little reveals that drives the repeat visits. In the absence of actual plants, that is. But I would be a poor host indeed were I to put you off entirely, so I will admit to possessing a Sour Cream seed. I could see cracking that. :cool:

    She is cute, isn't she? To me, she looks like a crumpled twenty dollar bill, doused in gasoline, sitting downwind from an open flame.

    I'm on my way to see the sights.

    My musical tastes calcified sometime in the late 70s. Aaaand there was no rap back then, so I guess I missed out on that. Oh, well. :cool:

    I am fond of the Icelandic sagas, which are thematically similar.

    We can have one plant named Freedom, assuming we ever grow any plants, and I'll let you pick which one, Mrs. E. But seedlings don't get names. :devious:
  17. AK-47 Update



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  18. Its gonna stand up soon I bet ! go Ak go !
  19. Poor lil' sprout. Its probably thinking, "I'm so embarrassed, this has never happened before. It must be the alcohol".

    Oh wait, its a female seed. Disregard.
  20. AK-47 Update

    Here's hoping you found someone to take that bet, Russy. :D


    Ha-ha! Well, there is at least an even chance that it's a female seed. But even if it's male, it's been feminized, :eek: so we should only be seeing female parts down the road. :confused: But for the sake of decorum, and certainly in mixed company, we'll just refer to our little AK-47 as "her". ;)

    Ha-ha! I was very pleased to see "her" standing tall when I rose from my pallet at the crack of noon, very pleased indeed.


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