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  1. Your plants ok Uncle A?
  2. Hello folks, looking for a few words of wisdom if I may. Just potted some new cuttings into coco and they've all drooped within 2 hours. The temps are 25'c humidity is 50%. Gave them a good watering after potting. Wondered if it was just the change in environment. It's my first time with tiny cuttings( 3")
  3. [quote name='"fatlip"']Hello folks, looking for a few words of wisdom if I may. Just potted some new cuttings into coco and they've all drooped within 2 hours. The temps are 25'c humidity is 50%. Gave them a good watering after potting. Wondered if it was just the change in environment. It's my first time with tiny cuttings( 3")[/quote]

    Never run with coco, but I would raise your humidity. If their aren't any roots established yet, it has no other way of getting water than transpiration through the leaves.

  4. Cuttings get no nutes until they are rooted. A hungry cutting is a well motivated cutting.

    There has been no looting near me. The local constabulary is ever vigilant.

    No, they are definitely not OK. They are in a slow but inexorable decline. The cold and lack of light are taking their toll.

    I harvested my SLH. The buds are drying.

    I recommend taking a look at AskEd's coco tutorial in the coco section of the forum. He has a nice chapter on cloning in coco. I have followed his advice on the subject with some success. You want to use a low wattage bulb positioned at a comfortable distane from the cuttings, and you probably should cut the ends off the leaves, reducing their surface area by about half. Rootless cuttings lose water easily and acquire it poorly.

  5. That's a shame man. :( Damn shame. You had some lookers this round too.

    Are your clones ok? If not, I have some seeds for ya...

    So you don't even have electricity yet? Still taking cold showers? Can you get your plants below a window that gets a lot of light? Best of luck in your difficult situation. I can't even imagine... I moved to MA now. Driving through NY in a week. lol
  6. The plants are in a window. Discretion limits their exposure to dirct sunlight to just half the day. So far, none of them have croaked. It looks like I'll be getting electricity soon, though not in the grow space. That's going to be the province of tradesmen for some time to come.
  7. And thanks for the seeds offer, Nerdi. I appreciate that. I have another Utopia Haze seed, 8 more c99 seeds, 3 Dr. Grinspoon seeds and assorted freebies and whatnot.

    I just got electicity to some of the house. I have a lit bedroom I can run as a temporary grow space. The question is which light to hang in there. Using it as a veg space will also allow me to setup my computer in there. But if I run the hps instead, I might be able to salvage the Utopia Haze and put the veggers into flower as well. If i end up vegging for 3 weeks while I wait for the flower stall to become available, I could be faced with a bunch of oversized sativas eager to stretch into monstrous proportions. Hmm.
  8. Damn, glad you finally have electric again! Hey, just get the same tradesman from last time and you should be set!:wave: Is the grow in consideration to go to the attic now? :p

  9. Bondage. :devious:
  10. Mr. Weaver, how ya been buddy? Did Sandy get you as well?

    Al, glad you, the Mrs., and the kitties are all ok. Plants are replaceable. Maybe you can use this as an opportunity to upgrade the grow as well.
  11. Yes, it really makes a big difference. We've been running two or three small electric heaters 24/7 since the power came back on and the house is at 70F for the first time in three weeks. The low was 47, the night of that nor'easter we got.

    Got him. He sent us a text message during the storm and showed up two days later with homemade brownies. He's waiting on the electrician right now. And we're still waiting for a boiler and a hot water heater.

    If everything breaks right, the contractor can start putting the space back together next week. But you know how these things go. It's going to be three weeks and the plants are already stretched from three weeks with insufficient light, so It's going to be interesting.

    I'd have to consult with BudSlinger before attempting that. But I really don't want to get into the whole scrog dealio.

    Yes, but that makes 'em wider, and I have discovered that sativas are hard to keep short via LST. I've seen people do wonders with supercropping, though.

    Don't forget the two dogs.

    That they are. I just took down the Utopia Haze last night. I could not believe how much of her there was. The flat top was layers of foot long colas. I can't imagine what it would have yielded. The buds and fan leaves filled up a garbage bag, which is now taking up a lot of real estate in my freezer. I'll get some hash out of it.

    Ha! All my mad money is tied up in the new SUV I just bought, which replaced the fully paid up minivan I just drowned.
  12. Glad your ok buddy...

    I dont have much else positive to say...

    I find it completely unacceptable that you guys were without power for that long...

    Regardless of the scope of disaster, it should not takes weeks to get back your essential services...

    That big city living really sucks when things go bad... When you going to move out here to the great northwest ?



    Life is good.
  13. Thank you, my friend. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

    Hey, what are you going to do? We are all primates, doing the best we can. Apparently, we need work on our utilities.

    I think I'll probably be here for the long haul. I would like to see the northwest, though.

    It's certainly preferable to the alternative.
  14. Hey man, hope all is going well I know it can't be easy picking up the pieces after that storm. Hope all is well man.
  15. Hey there, Tokey. We are making progress, but I'm still weeks away from having my grow space back.
  16. Hey Alatar! Have you seen the Hobbit movie? Gandalf forgot your name! You really ought to go slap some sense into that bastard. Hope you're doing alright, the repairs are going smoothly and you'll be back growing soon.
  17. is everything going back to normal? you got your grow space back?

    best wishes from the west
  18. what up my brother

    [ame=]Gangstagrass- I'm Gonna Put You Down - YouTube[/ame]

    how ya like our style storms now..hope all is well with the clan

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