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  1. High Times has an interesting article about the pending legislation legalizing weed smoking at retail locations.

    Some rules they're looking at implementing.
    1. You can only smoke/ingest marijuana from the establishment. (No bringing your own weed.) -No brainer there. The business can't survive if it doesn't sell weed.

    2. Edibles are capped at 10mg per serving. (Meh, I guess it's ok for a beginner).

    3. Flower is limited to 1 gram

    4. concentrates are limited to 0.25 grams.

    Ok, the critics are saying that a 1 gram joint is pretty big and 0.25 grams of concentrate is good for a few dabs. But the fact is: 1 gram flower is NOT THE SET AMOUNT. Just the maximum a person could buy in a single transaction. (Same argument about concentrates: 0.25 grams does not mean your forced to buy 0.25 grams of concentrate.

    In Amsterdam, arguable the only place on Earth you can compare this to, sells all sorts of amounts up to the limit of the law. One of the more popular options in the coffeeshops there are 0.1 gram (1/10 gram) spliffs. -That is, 1/10 gram of flower mixed in with tobacco to make the spliff.
    -I seriously doubt spliffs would be too popular in America though. But it just highlights the fact that just because there is a limit to what an Amsterdam coffee shop can sell in terms of weed and/or concentrate, doesn't mean they ONLY sell in units of the limit.

    Offhand, but I'm guessing a lot of customers in Amterdam aren't looking to get wasted high, but just want to get mellow with friends.
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  2. So, one gram a day? Or can you hang out and consume the gram and then buy another? It's unfortunate the edible limit too, but this will encourage people to visit multiple businesses instead of just A few

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