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  1. Picked some of my hot peppers today :) they tasted excellent and had a nice bit of fire.

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  2. Looking good expecialy your jar of green :D
  3. Update
    Girls are loving life. Getting a nice amount of hairs, developing down the stem as well. Ferted today.
    Also some pics :)
    Last one is of Kira :3

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  4. looking good mate how much longer left any idea?
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    On the 14th they will be two months old. I'm hoping to have them cut by the 24th... But I'll go by what the girls tell me :)

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  6. looking sexy mate :) keep it up
  7. Update
    The fem top69 has def got a light white dusting. The 60daywonder is looking like a compact bush. The whole thing grew to one side of my pot lol, trying to stay under the LED, the girls love the led light even tho it's weaker then I want.

    Also this morning I walked out to my green house, I still could not smell the girls outside the green house but once I open that door I walk into what I expect heaven to smell like :) I think the smell went from slight to medium.

    I'm stoked, watching the bud grow in along the Branches :) I could sit for hours and just watch the girls.
  8. I know what you mean man lol i love watching them grow, i have a seat in my space sometimes i just sit in there and space for a bit its relaxing.
  9. Update
    Iv been keeping the girls on an every other day watering. I can tell they love watering day, when I water them, with in four hours it's seems like they pack on more, weight / leaves / bud tendrils. They normally grow half an inch or so. I think the plants are around 16 inches tall. The fem top69 keep getting more dust :) the 60day wonder is looking thicker with more bud tendrils but no dust yet.

    I don't want to move the girls, but I want to get better pics of them. But I'm gonna wait until they are closer to being done. To much work moving all my lights around lol.

    I can't say I dislike growing with cfls, because it's nice and easy and cheap. But I def want to use better lights for growing in the future.
  10. Update
    I just love shooting the girls :)

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  11. looking good mate :) how much u reckon ur guna get?
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    Wish I knew! Lol
    But I have no clue, the bud keeps growing in, but The girls are real small, but for their size they look good to me.

    If I had to guess, I'd shoot at half an oz. Give or take some, but the girls could surprise me. What I'm excited to see is what final product will look, smell and smoke like. This grow is a test run, with autos, and growing in general. I would love to see over a oz or even more, but that just seem unrealistic to me.

    Iv never seen a grow with the advanced seed top69. It's totally an unknown in the auto world from what I can tell.
    The 60 day wonder iv seen a fair amount of reviews. It seems to have quite a few diff phenotypes, tall or short, some that die early some that don't auto. I def got the bushy / smaller version that autos. But the smoke from it seems to be excellent from the reviews. I'll def be reporting on them when I'm done.
  13. Update
    Just more pics
    At the bottom and under the canopy, its Getting dry down where the light can't reach, leaves are yellowing, maybe the plant is using the leaves for more energy? Or maybe they are just getting old. It don't bother me any, just something I noticed.

    I had a clamp light get loose, and fall out of the socket and fall back where I could not reach, so I had to take the girls out and fix the light. So why not take some pictures. I removed some leaves that blocked some emerging bud sites. From the 60 day wonder mostly. I'm shocked at how many new bud sites form and how fast. I'm excited to see the end product.

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  14. Update
    Watered today with just water out of the hose. I figure the girls could use a break from the ferts for a watering, also I think of it like a flush of sorts.
    Girls are looking great still, more and more bud sites are emerging Out of every place light hits it seems. I re arranged some lights to hit lower down.
  15. Update
    Just some pics

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  16. Looks good dude,
    What kind of cfl's are you using? It looks like you have two different color temps?
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    I do have two diff kinds. 90% are 2700 and the rest are 6500. I think I have three or four in their that are the 6500. I figure it can't hurt. I keep the 6500s around the edges and 2700 on the buds. I doubt switching out my three or four would make a meaningful difference but I could be wrong. Plus I have the led 45w glow-panel (the girls love the led).
    And the brands for the cfls are what ever I can find at home depot or lowes. seems like where ever u live the brands vary.

    Thanks for checking in :)
  18. Update!
    Got some decent shots today
    The girls still looking lovely, I can see they are just starting to gain brown hairs, still only about 1% started. I do hope for more soon! They are thickening up slowly. The advanced seed top 69 is starting to look oily, and still has much more crystal coverage then the 60 day wonder. But the 60DW is much thicker, looking like
    it might yield fatter buds. Can't wait to find out.

    Also a shot of my new bag of green :3
    I'm stoned off my ass right now, body buzz like I haven't felt in so long, almost crushing. I feel real good.

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  19. looking rli good mate when they are done u will have to give us a review into what was ur fav and what yielded the most wld like to compare to my lowryder which still has like 3 weeks to go and is getting dusty alrdy :):laughing:
    what nutes did you use ?
    loving the BUD u got :)
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    I em def planning a nice long review soon
    as they are cured. Also I can't wait for my next grow. I'm planning three plants, one joint dr easyryder, one short stuff Russian rocket fuel and one short stuff snowryder. I want to see them in action.
    I used an alaskan brand of ferts, I'm about to do an update with pics of the bottles, I went cheap. Didn't do any research on the ferts and to be honest I just eye ball how much I pore in( I use a cup and have a line so I can keep the amount the same each time), and iv been watering with ferts every other day. The pots I have seem to drain real quick so I haven't had any problems. I stopped using the superthrive soon as I ran out, but iv been using both bottles ever since I brought the girls back to the green house.

    Man that bud I got surprised me so much. I was floored last night, I was so stinking high it was great. Took some bong rips then went to bed.

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