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    Thanks for the advise man, ever since I started Iv been thinking about composting. I was lazy on this grow as you can see ( my 1st), just did w/e. Never actually expected a harvest.. Prob won't be one the way I'm going but that's okay, iv got plenty of smoke to hold me over.

    Next year I'm gonna be ready soon as it's time. Gonna have my spots picked and ready for planting. I'll actually start a compost pile this year so next's good to go.

    So 1/3 ak soil 1/3 hm and 1/3 pumas or perlite. Seems doable to me, do u recommend the compost Bens that rotate for easy stirring? Or just a box or wheelbarrow?
  2. Update
    I think ( can I get a confirm here ) the girls have started budding and one of the shots showing sex easy :)
    I'm quite stoned ATM and excited, 1st chance to check on the girls today, and I took more shots then normal but w/e.
    Watered them with ferts same time. The blooming formula now. Each got same amount.

    I may yet see some bud grown outside in Alaska

    Day 24 for the fem 69 ( the bigger one)
    Day 23 60 day wonder

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  3. Correction not budding, flowering...
  4. Whattsup fellor alaskan grower!! hey i just started one Northern lights skunk auto outdoors today, she was about 4 inches tall on her 3rd set of leaves. leaving her out for the night, its only getting down to 40 so i think im fine. but thats not my main grow, I have 8 russian rocket fuels left growin indoors till they get to the right size for outdoor. what part of ak are you from and what strain?
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    Hay man how's it going,
    I'm from matsu Valley. The strains are posted as pics on 1st page. Kinda a shot in the dark when I picked them. I have a pack of russin rockets and snowryders on order from the tude. So I could take advantage of the June promo twice. Can't wait tell they all arrive. But that's for next year or when I can grow indoors full time.

    What area you from man! It's good to see fellow Alaskans growing the herb! Can I see some pics of your girls? Post them here if you want.
  6. that looks great, kjust looked over your whole grow and thats amazing. last yeah sucked so damn bad for growin, we had these three weeks of perfect sunshine then boom 3 straight months of rain down here in anchorage. im living on the outskirts of anchorage, not in the city. ill upload some pics of my babies in a sec.
    so the 60 day wonder did good uphere. im actully not that surprised. i shoulda gone with that strain, i didnt know if they could handle the cold but apparently yes. oh i think next year im goin with the indica ruderalis strain. its a striaght indica and ruderalis 50-50. it has the highest cold resistance than any other strain and its the most yielding autoflower. unfortunately the bud is kinda not so great.
  7. man its looking good cant wait till i can get som epics up. tomatoes breed bugs but greenhouse can prevent pest infestations. i have 2500 lady bugs and about 35 praying mantis. with those i have a sustainable life cycle and a natural pest control mantis eat any bug and no leaves they eat the ladybugs to but with a life of only one year its ok lol.ur little guys are doing well my friend good luck!
    Happy growing
  8. Update
    Not sunny
    but 60 most of the day some slight rain.

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    Thanks man, I can't keep bugs Alive here In Alaska, well lady bugs yes. But the mantis not a chance, would be cool tho. Good luck on your grow man!
  10. dude im watching man lol. Alaska is the tits man me and my dad go salmon fishing there every now and then in the yukatan..... or something... lol well man lady bugs are fantistic but if you invest in a smal 8x8 greenhouse.... its basacally indoor. i just bought a heater.... and have a AC unit in order. Bc Its hot up in there lol got to 103 yesterday and i almost shat. but its under control lol. it was only 75 outside. you should really think of a tube GH system. very cheap and 10+ degrees hotter. and with a heater. controlable. grow anything you want from NYC to BUBBA To HAZE. No Crappy Herb. lol Thats my Motto i grow oregano to cook with... you have a great time up there man and they are looking good do you do a b-1 treatment? it will make the roots huge and if u put some nice rocks arround them it will keep the roots warm also which promotes better frost tolerance. i saw a HUGE diff in jsut 2 days in my little girls. GL brotha
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    Someday I'm planning on having a full greenhouse grow, right now my greenhouse tops out on hot days at 95. But my ventilation Is a hole in the wall 14 by 14 inch and my intake is a open window in the door. But only plants I have In their right now is my zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries and an apple tree that def dose not like it. The door is left open most of the day and closed all night with window blocked to keep warm air in.
    But greenhouse is summer only. I want a inside set up. But it will wait tell later.

    I want to add to my girls area but ATM due to family around I gotta just let them tough it out for two more weeks, then I can cover them with a nice box I made to help increase heat or just take them back indoors.

    No on the b-1 but I'll look Into it for my next girls. I have 4 more autos in the soil right now that I hope to have a better life for. But they will prob end up outside too.
  12. u can use b-1 whenever man just do a dose on lable once every 4 weeks. promise it will help.
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    Okay, I'll stop by the grow shop and pick some up! If it'll help and won't make it more noticeable I'm totally down with that. :)
  14. Meh.. Got a call from home a short time ago.. One of the family members knocked my hot box over, it's my seed staging area. I plant germ and keep my baby's in their until they are big enough to move out.

    Well I had my two Matsu thunder crosses about a week from germ... Got dumped flat.. Sad for them. Also planted my last fem69 last night.. Dumped.. And my last three 60 day wonder... Dumped.. Along with some other herbs and veggies that I don't care to much about just planted for variety..

    I won't be home for 5 more hours.. So don't know what the real Dmg is.

    That was my next auto crop.. So guess the two girls in the ground are all I'll have this summer! I wanted a back up crop if I could manage it but apparently it's not to be.
  15. WTF DAMNIT. lol i have a huge pad lock on my 1/2 foot thick door lol. nobody but me sees and touches. dinner time bro FONDUE TODAY!
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    Yea well, I plant my girls outside so I don't keep them inside forever. I saved the Matsu thunder crosses. But all my autos are gone from what I can see. I threw all the dirt into a common container too see if any might sprout. Figure best I can do.

    I'll just wait and see. Im not all down. I still got my main girls and the two msthunders left.
  17. sweet. i am getting some gifts form overseas here in a week then, ill have my 7 plants max. :) and everything is within the state laws. strawberry diesel, afghan Kush, g-13 Haze and pure kush! i will deff get some eye cany on here a few weeks. they are like 4 week veg, 8 weeks flower. gunna be crazy. they are all fem too.? ill be watching man. let me know whats up!!!!
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    Sounds like one he'll of a grow! That's three sativas (maybe hybrids) and an indica mix right? Iv wanted to smoke a berry plant long as iv smoked but iv never came across anyone selling it. I'll prob pick one up someday for a personal grow. I may of even smoked one but here in Alaska, I'm never told the strains I smoke... It's all unknown or some ass name dropping strain names..
    Iv been real lucky lately, what iv been getting I can only describe as a haze. Been real up up highs that makes me want to ride my bike or go hiking lol. I have some older stuff iv been holding on too that's a couch lock for sure, I like to mix the two. Excellent smoke

    I'm subbed I to your grow! Rock on
  19. alaska looking dankness bro even for your climate lol. gl my brother
  20. Update
    This was taken at 1030 pm Alaska time lol. Sun was just setting, gotta love the endless sun in our short ass summers!

    Well the girls still looking good to me, no explosive growth yet, hope they explode out in the next few weeks. I watered also with a shot of super-thrive in the mix, It has the vitamin b-1 and some other stuff that might help out. I'll be adding the superthrive prob once a week to the waterings. It says u can add it with the ferts, so it might jump on bord with them.

    Can you find the girls in the 1st pic? They blend in all right. If someone was looking or paying attention I'm sure they are easy to spot, but so far so good

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