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  1. Update
    Added a 2700 cfl, girls all lean to it lol. I'm gonna keep my 6500's in the box for a few more days, waiting on the two week mark to run more 2700's.

    But on a happy note, it's been real nice here In Alaska. My regular plants have been outside for a week now with no freeze. I'm still cautious but I think all is in the clear. About 50• at night might get Down to 45•. I think they might be able to manage :)
    So outside soon. Even tho I hate to do it, lol. Wish I could keep them inside :(

    Also some new pics, close ups.

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  2. Update
    Gerr lol
    It's still to cold for the girls, I left them out half the day in the sun yesterday and their leaves started to turn and curl a little.. That was in the sun, it's def a temp drop of about 15-20 degrees ( girls flux between 75 night temps inside and 80 allday long) it's 60ish in the sun here..
    (? Normal? For the 1st few days?) -- curling leaves
    I'm thinking it's normal but I was looking at the night temps and it was in the high 30's last night... So sad gonna have to wait longer before leaving outside. After memorial day, thy have to be outside so it's live or die! I'm holding out Long as I can
  3. Just realized this is not a grow journal area, can my thread be moved? I don't mind if it is or is not, just don't want to be in wrong place is all :)
  4. Update
    Added a glow panel 45 to my grow as a supplemental light source. Still rolling all my cfls, just want to see if this led can help in anyway, and so far from researching Iv come up with the fact that Led does help with veg. So I'm giving it a go :) post picks after the girls have spent more time with the light.

    Also I topped both my girls, 1st time with a sharp clean knife. Felt like I was chopping their heads off! Just hope my girls are like the mythical hydra :) then I'd def enjoy chopping the heads off!
  5. Update
    Due to the girls suddenly getting stinky :) I had to relocate to green house. So it's live or die outside. I'm hoping they are more resilient then I think they are...
  6. Update
    1st full day in green house, staying nice and warm. All looks good.
    Little lst so the lower area can get sun too
    And a flower from my zucchini :)

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  7. It's 45 outside, 54 in greenhouse, hope girls are okay
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    Looks good alaska......I grew atf in Fairbanks and the frost/freezing is probably over at breakup time.
    I used to clear an area in early spring and place a layer of heavy black visqueen over the planting area I would grow in and let the sun warm the ground/soil before planting.

    Your 54* is probably a little cool for the root zone, but that strain looks like their doing fine.
    Might grow faster if you set them on a heat mat till you get in the upper 60's....
  9. Ohh good idea! Heat mat, why could I not think of that...
    I'm gonna Go cover the spot I have picked out for when I need to remove from green house.
    Thanks man!
  10. Update
    No pics right now at work
    Girls are looking amazing, despise the evening temps they seem to manage great.
    They have gotten bigger, only nuts they get have been from soil. Wonder if it's worth it for me now. As my 1st grow I'm still wondering if I should use nuts. Dose anyone that grows outside use the same nuts as Inside?
  11. yes use same ferts. and use mulch as blanket to protect base of plants from cold.
  12. Update
    Girls are getting bigger
    Last pic is of my hot peppers loving the led glow panel I picked up. They all leaned towards the window before the light, now they All lean towards light, looking up instead of to the side. More updates on the light as I use it for peppers and other veggie as a test.

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  13. Update
    Due to unforeseen guests... I had to remove my girls from the happy greenhouse.. I have a a rather large pile of old horse shit, Bout 2 years old. The weeds seem to grow extremely well on it so, In desperation for a place to quickly move the girls too, I dug two nice holes and planted them right into the poo pile.. I added more soil to the holes before planting and covered the soil with a layer of the poo. Iv been doing some reading this morning on horse poo for gardening and it seems to be used by loads of fokes, they just talk about not using fresh poo due to it getting hot and burning plants.

    Anyone ever use horse dung as a mix with soil for growing your plants? Any tips or advise? Tyvm

    They will prob spend the rest of their life on this pile
    It gets great sun all day, it's not easyly noticeable due to he fact that I planted in the middle of the pile, it's at the back of my property. To be honest I wish I'd of thought of this before hand. I'll post pics of new home soon as it's safe.. Dont need anyone seeing me taking pics of a poo pile lol
  14. Update pics
    New home
    The girls are now princess of pooh :)

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  15. Update
    This mornings pics, seem to be looking fine, turning a lighter green around the middle. Any cause for alarm?
    Also the bugs on this pile of poo... Are annoying as all get out, but they don't seem to bother the girls so what ever..

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  16. Update
    No pics yet today

    I started my ferts, I bought some organic alaska stuff for growing, and also same brand for big bloom formula, scaled it down and used some last night.

    This morning the plants looked kinda shriveled, but it was a cool morning, and it rained last night.. Also the lower sun leaves had some Dmg. Looked like something ripped a few leaves off, and ripped some of the sun leaves in half.
    Its hard for me to keep a good eye on the plants. I'm trying to be sneaky, so I don't know if I'll ever know what happened to the leaves, because I just can't investigate vary well due to being seen. I'm waiting for a chance no one is home.
    Also I stated a for new beans. Two 60 day wonder( only one germinated) and two Matsu thunder crosses, both germinated! I'll start posting on them when they get bigger.
  17. Update
    Even with the last two days of rain and 55 midday temps :( the fem69 auto is doing the best, holding on.
    Pic included, I'm sure she could do better with proper temps and light... Someday I'll do a proper grow lol

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  18. Update
    Just pics from today
    Not great growth, just kinda chilling, might take them quite a bit longer then normal autos

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  19. Update
    Girls not showing to much growth, but they still look okay. Temps today 60ish.. But he rain has stopped for the night I hope. Maybe sun tomarrow!

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  20. Looking good....
    Next grow look for some good fertile AK soil under tree stumps, dry marsh etc(even canadian peat will do) blend some pumice or, perlite, HM for the compost all in 1/3 portions and if using peat a cup of lime per cf of soil for ph balance. This will give you a basic soil structure where roots will develop faster and promote vegatation.....
    Dig some holes and fill with the mix and plant. You can top feed for veg and flower with Epsoma brand dry ferts.
    Start a compost pile and you will be mixing like a pro.....;)

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