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Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GSN1PA360, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Anybody ever had this bud or think they've had it?

    I've never had anything as dank as Alaskan Thunderfuck...

    If you guys have had any experiences with this strain I'd love to know, and how much you got it for (I'd love to try some one day).​

  2. I've had it before. It was weed. Nothing too memorable for myself.
  3. I thought it was like the best strain that has ever existed, But then again some people prefer certain strains over others...
  4. I got some, $10/g.

    Made me think the edges of my posters was a race track and my vision was the car.

  5. 10/g, Damn that's cheap for what I pay for some dank, I thought this was like holly grail of strains, was it good or was it like mids?
  6. 20 a g here in east tx. my plug took a train to for it. twas chooice bud.

  7. Hyperbole is pretty common among cannabis strains. Everything is the best, somewhere. Genetics can only push a plant so far, though. How a plant is grown, harvested, cured, transported, and utilized will ultimately have more effects on you than the strain itself.

    I've had ATF from a dealer that I thought was shady before, and even though it was good weed, I associate (negative) memories of it more with him than the strain itself.

    Then when I would get ATF from a dispensary, it was much better, but still not something that stood out to me. My tastes do probably differ, though.

    I think there's something fun about having a strain that right now I can only hope to try someday. For me, it's Harlequin, for others, ATF, and so on.
  8. It was good... the first day.

    I believe in strain tolerance, so after like a week, the high wasn't as fun.

    I mean, like my first sesh of ATF was at night, and I was alone, and I thoroughly analyzed my high (it's a sativa, so of course that's something I would do). But I don't know dude, I thought my mind race track thing was the funnest thing ever! I was doing it for like 20 minutes! It was the happiest I have ever been!

    But everyday, I tried to achieve that happiness by being a race car and driving around my posters, but it just wouldn't happen.

    After a while, it's just, meh...

    I still think it's a great strain though.
  9. i ve always looked forward to try it but never had the opportunity to do so. But i think its overrated...kinda the same way people saying norther lightds is the best strain ever the best strain is different from people to people...

  10. Yeah I made 10 grams into 1.93 grams of bho, so its roughly 20% pure thc and man does that shit taste amazing!

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