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Alaskan thunder-fuck afgan kush.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pj1008, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. #1 Pj1008, Sep 12, 2009
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    Ok so I am pretty sure the name is fake haha but i like it. But one of my really close friends is picking me up an 8th of some dank called alaskan thunder-fuck afgan kush and i am just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this. i might upload pics when i get it, i talked to my friend she said she smoked it before and its really good and i believe her (she is one of my best friends and the only person that i can front my money and not even have a second thought about it). I am not worried about getting scammed just wondering if anyone has heard of this haha.

    Edit: Unfortunately its 65 an 8th tho :( it is normally 60 around here but not really complaining. This is the first time I am getting named bud, I normally get some nice no name dank. I am really excited haha
  2. Ok well apparently it is a cross between alaskan thunderfuck and afgan kush both legit strains, both indica.
  3. Your going to have to post pics b/c I have a feeling your not getting Alaskan thunder-fuck crossed w/ Afgan kush. Unless you know from grower or first few handlers. But maybe Im wrong post pics. Its probably bomb either way.
  4. Strain names are such bullshit unless its medical.

  5. Wrong. Post some pics, and maybe you can judge from the quality.
  6. ugh i thought alaskan thunder fuck was extinct??
  7. Well I am picking it up from her tomorrow and I will post some pics. Also idk if the it really is alaskan thunderfuck mixed with afgan kush but now that i know they are both real strains I am not sure. My friend knows some people. She either got it from the grower or a few steps down the line so it might be legit. Probably have pics for you tomorrow and i will let you know how the high is as well.
  8. Nope, I have a good friend who grows true ATF year round and its some of the best weed i've smoked I love it!
  9. #9 HiGhDro-, Sep 12, 2009
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    Ye, cant wait to see the pictures. The most recent batch of "named" weed we got around here was blue berry kush which i might add was ridiculously awsome. Also we had some alberta dro that wasnt bad a few months back. I have a picture i could post of that if u guys wanted to see it.


  10. ATF is pretty nice, though get's pretty pricey at the clubs. I smoked some of a friend's that he picked up for $80 an 1/8, though he got ripped the fuckk off (new smoker)
    Nice bud though, though certainly not worth $80 an 1/8
  11. Ill try and get some pictures of my blueberry kush up too ;)

  12. Looks like some really nice bud dude I can't wait until I pick this stuff up haha. I am even cleaning my bowl so i can get the true taste of this bud. The last few times I picked up (this was from my dealer not threw my friend... i gota find out who she buys off of!) the weed was good got me fucked up but it tasted like shit. I love the taste of weed and haven't got any that tastes good in like a month :(

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