Alaskan Ice in the Attic.

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  1. Hey everybody, I just bought 5 femizised Alaskan Ice Seeds off of and im going to start growing in my attic. I dont really know too much about growing, but im just going to use the basic strategy that i have aquired through hours of reading. Im going to buy 5 biodegradable pots (easy for transplanting in later stages), probably a 4 foot light fixture with 1-3 lights in it. ( Dont really know what bulbs i should use) Besides that i really dont have to much of a gameplan. Its winter here in Michigan, so I was a little concerned about it being too cold upstairs, but i assume the light being 2 inches above the plant will keep it warm enough. We were also thinking of maybe plasticing a section of the attic into a small room for help in warmth. Any information that you guys could give me would be amazing. If there is a helpful thread that has already been written, direction to that would be appreciated. The lighting and warmth are my two major concerns right now. HELP! thanks
  2. Hmmm... In the attic I would make sure to insulate it or seal it for the warmth problem... But an easier way would be to just get a high wattage (400w-1000w) High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamp, and that should keep them warm.

    Also, if your growing illegally, remember, attics are the easiest place for helicopters to detect heat signatures, especially if your in a cold climate.
  3. Also, HPS and MH are the best lighting source (probably already know this.)

    Do NOT use a fluorescent, only because it is cold in your area and they produce NO heat. You can always line your attic with ADF (Anti detection foil) to keep choppers at bay (only if your paranoid or dont want to go to jail.)
  4. Attic grows are notoriously difficult because of temp issues. You need to have that well planned out, not just for now but for the coming months when that attic could go from freezing to broiling.

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