Alaskan Fish FErtilizer

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  1. Just bought some and got home and realized I got 2-2-2, cant return it as I threw out the reciept as soon as I walked outta the store, lol. Still worth it to use during veg? Im looking for some nitrogen, plants are a little yellow.
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  3. It might be 2-2-2 but I think because of the organics in it I think it's actually stronger than that. The Alaskan that I have is only a 5-1-1. It also says not to feed on a regular basis if I remember correctly. I only use it as a supplement anyway.
  4. The fertilizer in question is balanced, however, it should give you what you want while the plants are vegging and is relatively quick acting. However, please note that continuous use of fish based products tends to attract pests. Long term use with mother plants for example will almost always create insect problems. In industrial sized operations, the cost benefit ratio makes fish very attractive, however, for smaller grows, there a variety of inexpensive fertilizers that will do the job without the headaches.
  5. How much to a gallon? And when watering them with the nutes do I water how I regularly would? And Can i give them this if its been raining for the past few days?
  6. Alaska Fish Fertilizer (emulsion) has been pretty well debunked for organic growing by several posts in this forum. It has lost its OMRI certification (no longer approved for organic production) and is an emulsion produced by heat that destroys most of the microbes.

    A quick shot of nitrogen yes, but at what cost to the living soil? Maybe the post should be moved to General Outdoor Growing.
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