Alaska Not So Cool

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by site, May 10, 2006.

  1. So our State Legislature has just passed a law to recriminalize all amounts of marijuana, which our Governor has been lobbying for since he got elected. So sorry people who imagined us becoming somewhat of a ganja's just not in the cards.

  2. pshh. that sucks.
  3. what the hell. why do people care so damn much! if its not hurting you, why change it?
  4. the only reason that mary jane is illeagal is because it cant be taxed. as soon as the government can find away to get theres out of the whole maryjane game. it will remane illeagal with the exeptions of prescriptions. but dont let that disscourage you. the gavernment will find a way to get there $$$ out of the mary jane game.
  5. wow that sucks, i was hoping to visit alaska in the near future, haha, maybe even go to school there :p
  6. The gov. could tax MJ just as easily as anything else if they decided to make it legal.
  7. I love how Murkowski included the recriminalization of marijuana in the meth bill, that is what I found to be gay about it, since the senate was still in argument and almost demanded the bill to be re-written to exclude certain aspects.
  8. I cant beleive that happened! Its a step back, that fuckin sucks.
  9. sorry, but that's not true.

    you don't see people growing their own tobacco or making their own alcohol. it's to hard to do it yourself.

    you can just plant a seed in your backyard if it was legal and have some bud with not a lot of work, so the government wouldn't be able to tax it.

    think about it, would you rather smoke your homegrown, or something that big business gets it's nose into, like what happened with tobacco.
  10. The convinence factor they can tax. If you could go down to the local 7/11 and pick up 1/8 or so, a lot of people will do it. Not that many people will have the patience to put up a grow to fully sustain their habit... so they will go to 7/11. Sure all the current growers might grow, but their profits are cut, so a lot of them will go back to their lives.

    The convinence factor is what makes marijuana easily taxible with todays standard.
  11. It could easily be safely legalized. Governments know that, look how much weed is in circulation when its highly illegal in the states. Theres no chance marijuana can be extinct. Why make a criminal out of someone who is smoking a natural plant that grows in our EARTH.

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