Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10?

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  1. Kronicly Insane is correct, mixing organic and non organic ferts can be detrimental! for organics to work the soil has to be alive, non-organic ferts with ammonia and salts kill the microbiology. I would suggest one or the other, organic or bottled non organic nutes.
    This what I have right now with all organics, kellogs, miracle grow, and another kellogs soil brand soil withc sandy clay. I bet I get 2-3 pounds of good, smooth smoking, tastey buds! :D I mixed in Miracle gro brand bone meal just recently. and in the hole I mixed cheap all purpose organics5-5-5 before planting. prolly costed me a total of 40 bucks lol. and all I do is water with the occational bone meal, molasses, ash water. and normal hose water off a well. This is also my first real go at growing :D


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  2. Way too complicated and costly for me...

  3. i didnt see anyone answer your question... yes indeed u can mix in some AFF 5-1-1 for a little nitrogen.. but i been mixing like half tbs. instead of the whole full one but my dynagro bloom has 3 nitrogen in it as well... i noticed it got a little too much nitrogen when i used the full tbs. of AFF+ my bloom nute... so i cut it in half and shes nice and green but not too dark like it was...
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    honestly ive learned over the years to be patient and u know try "off the wall shit" that in some people's opinions is ludicrous!! its a skill that you must learn to love and hate at the same time... first few grows are always the hardest.. but once you find you're nitch and i mean your own nitch.. which may take years... u can state your own educated opinions to the uneducated and let someone else test them out.. but there's so many different ways you can produce quality smoke its just kinda like "opinion's (educated/uneducated) are a means to test and poke and pry at certian things overall producing a great grower in time... (my opinion lol) so hey knock urself out man soak in as much as you can and leech out what doesnt work for you.. have faith and patients.. :) happy growing.
    edit: i also wouldnt feed bullshit that would kill your plant... its up to you to choose what you think is viable.. anything anyone says on here is usually well intended ive noticed.. :gc_rocks:
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     your plant is gorgeous my friend!!
    edit: meant plants (plural) lol..
  6. AFF and more bloom have very high concentrations of heavy metals. The more bloom is in excess of 8PPM in arsenic. Water that has higher than 10 PPB that's BILLION is unsafe to drink. I would avoid any fish emulsion as you will run into thevsame issues. You want fish hydrosylate NOT emulsion.
  7. i have yet to try cold cooked emultions such as neptune's blah blah or whatever ummm is that what hydrosylate is??
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    [quote name="PassDat" post="18577394" timestamp="1377494654"]i have yet to try cold cooked emultions such as neptune's blah blah or whatever ummm is that what hydrosylate is??[/quote]Hydrolysate.(I think LOL)yeah dude Neptune's harvest would be a good start, and it is truly organic. I use AFF emulsion with excellent results but next season I am going to lean towards the NH.. these dudes are right about the differences between emulsions and hydrolysatesAFF is about $8 a quart from Lowes or depotNH is about $20 on eBay (not typically available in your average store)On eBay you can get just about any type of fert in a "sample pack" where they buy in bulk and break it down to sell by the ounce/pound.However, not generally true for the fish fertsSent from my LGL86C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. alright... so might as well just keep fishin and fillet them fish n grind the leftover's up and make my own then eyyy??
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    I cut down AFF the last time I used it since it's flowering now. My plants are healthy green no yellow and I was thinking I might have too much nitrogen? I never used AFF and morbloom this is my first time using it. So bone meal is for flowering?
  11. i never used bone meal... but ive been making my soil in one of these thingys...

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  12. Never seen it before. What is that?
  13. Thanks bro! haha Yeah the one in the back started budding a few weeks ago, prolly only 4 ft tall and 4 1/2 feet wide. I hope to get like 11 ounces off the smaller one
  14. don't drink the kool aid !!!!!

    arsenic in;
    Bone Meal around 8-10 PPMs
    12/12/12 sea bird guano  6.1 PPMs
    azomite/glacier dust 4.5/5 PPms
    now here is where I get to tweak some noses on some of you organa-ninnies ( yeah that's right I said it ;) )

    these are both used in the most common cannabis hydroponic nutrient solutions used..and not at full strength I might add.
    I'm including the Grow part even though it is not used, just cause. :huh: :wave:

    so now who is pushing all those heavy metals into their grow ? :poke:
  15. a mulch bin.. i got a mad deal on it at tractor supply company.. under $100... my pops taught me how to make some super soil.. mostly composed of mulched oak leaves, coffee& tea grounds, biodegradable cardboard boxes, veggie/fruit discards/ rotting fruit/veggies from the fridge.. i mix it with composted cow manure for starting my plants...
  16. i see major bud sites on those... ur gonna get more than 11 oz..
  17. nice info dude.. ima have to study it for a week to soak all that in... lol...
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    Do you clean the inside of your plants ?
  19. what??
    I was asking Kingskate if he clean or prune the inside of his plants so he don't end up with popcorn buds.

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