Alaska? Kenai Alaska Area?

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  1. Any one here from Kenai area or even Alaska period? HMUSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Alaska man, I heard so much about it. Hows life up there ?

    I would love to just hitchhike to Yukon, and cross the border; one of these summers. How much snow do you folks get ? Like your area in particular ?
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    It's alright up here generally we get lot's of snow like several feet. When streets are plowed we have walls of snow instead of ditches. Been pretty warm and mild this year though with longer warmer summer than usual too.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. Im in Alaska. Currently in ANC. I can't wait to get out of the city and up to Talkeetna.
  5. Finally found someone else from the Peninsula👌

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  6. Grew up in Fairbanks, now living 500ft from the beach in florida haha
  7. He's gone.  Do you know the Kilchers?
  8. Not personally, no. Don't know if that was supposed to be a joke, but the funny part is my uncle actually does. On the show, they did a Christmas special, where the Kilchers gave their Yak away, and they chose to give it to him.
    Don't let TV fool you. Our area is not secluded or rural in any form.
  10. I didn't expect you to know them, I was sort of kidding.  I was stationed in Anchorage for 3 years and did some backpacking on the Kenai, the Resurrection Pass trail was the well known place.  That was a while back, when weed was legal the other time.  So that's where the Yak went.  I didn't see the Christmas special but I have seen several episodes.  I always wanted to go back but didn't.  Good times.
  11. I spent the majority of my childhood and adolescence in AK, Lived outside of Anchorage for a few years then lived in juneau for 7. Now i live in arizona though :/ feel free to talk to me as well. 
  12. Hi Andy.  I lived in Anchorage a few months, in the barracks on Ft. Richardson for a few months, and in Eagle River for a couple of years.  My army buddy and I built an unconventional cabin off grid around Wasilla, spent a month in a tent (heated, sort of) outside Fairbanks in January, spent lots of time at Chilkoot Charlie's (that place has grown a lot since then, it was just one big room with a bar and a stage), took the train to Denali park and hiked around that area for a couple of weeks while drinking Boones Farm and smoking dope, spent a couple of weeks in and around Seward, and just fucked around like any other 20-something year old without responsibilities would do in a place with unlimited potential.  That's probably the longest sentence I've used.
    And pot was legal to possess. The cops raided the house of a suspected burgler and seized his bag.  The judge ordered the cops to give it back putting them in an awkward position of complying with state law while trafficking according to federal law.  The feds swooped in and took it from the cops ending the dilemma. I have a newspaper clipping from whatever the Anchorage newspaper is called with a picture of a pot plant someone had entered into the state fair.  The fair asked the guy to remove it and he did but it was on display for a couple of hours.  This was when possession of a couple of seeds would get you jail time in many parts of the USA.
    The reason I'm telling you this is because you invited me to.
  13. Nice, eagle river is where I actually spent the first few years in Alaska, I only wish I could of gotten to experience Alaska's weed but I was too much of a square back then and believed all sorts of nonsense about it.
  14. I sure do miss Alaska and can't wait to get back. Born on Ft Richardson and lived in the apartments behind Santa Clause's house for 2 years. Lived on Elmendorf my 8th grade year and then in Anchorage for a year after high school. I plan on going back up there this summer or next to get in on the king fishing!
  15. When I was there the pot was full of seeds like it was practically everywhere.  Now that I think about it I smoked my first weed with a name while in Anchorage.  One of the gold names I don't remember which and it probably was fake but it was sensimilla and kicked my butt.  Tolerance isn't such an issue when you smoke 3% weed.  If I had the pot then that I have now I'd be a very popular fellow.
    If you're going back then do it before you get trapped marry and settle down.  It gets farther away as the years pass.
  16. I'm as closed to married and settled down as it can get! My fiancee and I just bought a house here in Denver for us and our 1 year old boy. Good news is she is ok moving to Alaska down the road! She gave me the 'ok' about 3 days after we closed on the house. My Dad and I have some land south east of fairbanks that we plan on building a cabin on this summer or next.
  17. Congrats on your new house. 

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