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Alaska Dank! Sweet jane Purp (Macros)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sirtokalot, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Heres my quarter - a few buds, 80$ Alaska purp frosted to perfection


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  2. looks sticky :)
  3. Oh my God I haven't smoked in so fucking long.
    My mouth is watering.
    + rep for the dank hookups, and for being in Alaska...I'm aiming for a lady from your home state, brah :D
  4. ya go egg sarah palnis house!!
  5. Morebuds

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      256.3 KB
  6. ohh man, great price and great quality... maybe i should move to alaska!
  7. alaska buds.. aint thatta b%^#$.

    nice pickup.
  8. :pok shit looks yummye:
  9. damn i went to alaska and didnt find any bud while i was there....looks like i was missing out big time.
  10. Just mention Thunderfuck, and someone will help you out. My buddy went there for 6 months, and was asked if he wanted thunderfuck many times. He told me there were a good amount of people who have grows of it, and take pride in their genetics 4 sure.
  11. I had some mantunaska thunderfuck in the fall and it was soo good. smelled like pinesol with extemely lemony/limey smell covering the pinesol smell. I also got a 80 qtr of it and the buds were so nice and dense like a rock!
  12. cool , I never know the name of my bud:(
  13. Nice man. dank/sticky icky!
  14. who woulda thought alaska had the funk? good pickup.
  15. Seriously? I'm pretty sure in many areas they can grow a certain amount of plants for personal use, legally.
    It has to do with the government being more lenient with them b/c of the oil reserves.
  16. alaska can do what ever the fuck it wants.
  17. Whoa, Amazing beautiful nugs you got there.

  18. Hell yeah! :hello:
  19. alaska has some bomb chronic. be a cool place to live.
    nice nug

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