alas, i would love to shop on grasscity :(

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  1. the spoon pipes here are MUCH cooler and cheaper than the ones in the stores around here... but too bad i no have credit card to buy it with. and i don't think my parents would be that open to me smoking marijuana so chances of me using theirs is slim to none T.T... oh what to do, what to do:confused:

    just kinda felt like ranting... well not really ranting, more like... iono lol xD

    btw this is my first post here so.... hello! ^^
  2. sucks having parents huh?:rolleyes: how old are you by the way? just out of curiosity.
  3. lol im old enough, dun worry :D
    otherwise, i wouldn't be able to go in the stores to check out the pipes ^^
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    yes you can, i use to all the time when i was a jit. you have to be 18 to use GC, how old you be? lol
  5. turning 19 in summer, if you must know x]

  6. either your not familiar with the rules or that was a shitty attempt at tricking him.
  7. the ladder of the two. lol. i corrected it after he replied. hence the lol afterwords
  8. doesn't matter if ya'll believe me or not. didn't really join the forums to be interrogated, rather to learn and talk to chill people :]
  9. just messin with you man, and also tryin to clean up the underage people, GC could get in trouble. and nobody wants that. just most new people that join and mention something about parents and pot are underage.

    welcome to the city bro:wave:
  10. its no worries, i understand. And thank you x]
  11. You can buy a prepaid credit card at your local drug store, 7-11 or wall mart, they work. Buy prepaid VISA or mastercard, theres 25,50,75,100,150,200,250, be sure they're international ;)
  12. yea that's what i thought before, but then i looked online and heard from some that it doesn't work on certain types, or that you got to do some complicated stuff. and i don't really know if i want to risk spending $50 on a card and it not working =/

  13. uhh...if you pick the wrong one, you can still use it to buy the right one :rolleyes:
  14. Greendot Visa. I've ordered from GC with one, and had no problems.
  15. mm yes ok, i checked it out on the mastercard website, thank you :]

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