Alas! I depart

Discussion in 'General' started by metalstonerking, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Well, my brethren, in about 16 hours I'm departing for Spain for two weeks. Keep an eye out for occasional updates from any internet cafes I find... I'll keep up news on my search for bud and my essentially temporary residence at the various bars.

    So wish me luck! You better all be blazin for me :D

    Peace honkies!
  2. have fun, broseph!
  3. fuckin awesome man..that cool as shit
  4. Thanks for the love you guys

    Now I'm going to read and see if I can locate bud in various crevasses... until... I'm not sure...

    stay safe motherfuckers... you better not get arrested or any shit
  5. know how we are at that :p
  6. A funny story, some kid from another school, don't quote me on this but I think he raped one of the girls on the trip and got arrested in Spain. Needless to say his parents didn't fly to Spain to get his ass outta jail. So, I know I don't need to say this to you, but just don't get arrested in general, that is a long way that you're parents would not wanna go just because you were stupid.

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