Alan Wake

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by gedio, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I just got this game yesterday after not being arsed paying for it when it was full price.
    Holy fuck, it's amazing, any other blades played this?
  2. dude its out already?

    i was stoned as hellll and i just stumbled upon the gameplay and trailers. holy FUCK. i'm really considering buying an xbox JUST for this game. the gameplay was so freaking amazing. best game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  3. I bought it when it came out. Played it and beat it, it was pretty intense at times, really cool game. I've gotten a lot busier lately and haven't found the time to download the extra content yet but I'm sure that's pretty cool as well.
  4. Literally my favorite game. The story is soo effin awesome
  5. downloaded and burned it to a disc just because of this topic...

    holy shit. it literally had me scared. dudes jump out of no where with chain saws like GAHHHHH!!!!

    and the house shit was scary. i havent beat it just go to the bottom of the forest? ahah good topic bro :D

    *fist bumps*
  6. yea this game was fuckin awesome

    cant wait for max payne 3
  7. ya i got it used recently as well i figured it would be a good game to played baked gonna play it tonight hehe
  8. One of my favorites :)
  9. Great game, especially if you're a fan of Stephen King or Twin Peaks.
  10. ugh i have the game but i really need live!! anyone have a 48 hour code?
  11. I'm surprised you all liked it so much. I got so bored of the game about halfway through. It was good don't get me wrong i just felt it was really repetitive

  12. Yes the story was fine, setting..wierd..enemies...repetetive as fuckitty fuck. and music/theme pretty damn interesting but would confuse the living shit out of any simpleton that would not understand a damn thing the author/narrator is talking about. So the target market is skivvey.

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