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  1. I recently moved to the state of Alabama from Illinois and was wondering if anyone on here is from Alabama. I live in the Alabaster region. Haven't been able to find a steady connect yet and am looking for someone to show me the ropes down here.:eek:
  2. down in boaz/albertville theres some pretty popular dealers, not secrecy im not quiet sure about. i havent really picked up anything from albertville but at times the city is pretty sketchy.
  3. Birmingham, right here, roll damn tide! I'm about an hour away from the Alabaster area.

    However, hookups are against the rules here.
  4. Auburn, AL here. War Damn Eagle! lol
  5. Oh, I wasn't looking for any hook ups. Haha I just want to know where the right area would be to go to find other smokers to befriend. I have no friends as of right now(forever alone lol) and I'm just trying to find some people to chill with and smoke with. Any areas in Birmingham where stoners meet often?
  6. I moved to Anniston, AL months ago. I hate it. Hope Alabaster is better than it is here. Same goes for the weed. It's not too impressive over here
  7. What possessed you to move to Alabama

  8. Around where in Alabaster, if you're talking about Pelham, yeah, it's pretty nice out that wey and good bud too. Worked out there off exit 242 for three years. A lot of stuck up people though.

    Alabama isn't that bad, hell, we have a great football team. :cool:

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