Akward situations

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Stewydude, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. So the other day, i had my cleaning lady here and i didnt know she was coming today so i was just chillin in my room, tokin up, (still living with my parents) and as soon as i take a nice big hit she walks in my room and goes hello stew, i was like shit.. i let the smoke go and she goes ahh yes i need a smoke myself (spanish accent). She walks out continues cleaning and says nothing more to me except would you like me to clean your room? And thank you when i moved somethin heavy for her. I payed her with the check, that night she talked to my parents and didnt say a word about it to them. I was so relieved, so guys tell me your akward sitiations, ones that ended ok, ones that ended not so well. :cool:
  2. The only awkward situations I ever face are when I have to talk to my parents or family when I'm completely baked. Whenever I start to not make sense or lose track of the conversation I feel like there are 20 second pauses where we just stare at each other.:bolt:
  3. Haha, you should have blazed with her.
  4. I was horrified afraid she would tell my mother. But how cool would that be eh? Call her up hey u bringin some reefer?
  5. "Tu fumas la marijuana?"
  6. Is she hot? (just wondering)
  7. Last year the cleaning ladies found a 2 gram bag of salvia 20x. Luckily they didnt know what it was and just put it on top of some books.
  8. ehh shes kinda ok lookin shes like 30 and mexican, but she has that like lived longer then she looks feel like idk like shes lived a hard life
  9. lol i left a half o sack on my desk one time. my cleaning lady propped the baggie up to tidy it up and make it look good lmao
  10. Yea you should totally toke with your cleaning lady, haha, that would be tight.
  11. lol. I doubt she has any reason to rat you out, why would she?
  12. My cleaning lady has found all my bowls and shit so she knows I smoke, last time she was here which was on..tuesday i was in my basement with a friend tokin up like no tomorrow. Was funny cause you could hear the floor creak right above us.
  13. yeah braa i would love to toke it up with her, i could imagine sometime tho my dad coming hope to see me and my cleanin lady tokin it up, be like whassup dad, he be all like hey son what u guys up to, smokin a j, cool cool save some for me later.
  14. why am i like the only one that doesnt have a cleaning lady. Are u guys rich or somethin?
  15. I don't have one either :p

    But you're paranoid dude, why would she tell your parents ?? It's not her business and she knows it.

  16. it would be even cooler if she was hot
  17. kinda reminds me of this one porno series thing with latina housemaids...............
  18. ha its not that she would tell my parents so much as my mother she talks to her a lot, but nah we pay her like a hundred bucks a month, i dont see the point cause i could use some of that money a month to buy pot, but she didnt rip on me or rat me out so =D im happy, i also made a vap real recently its amazing:cool:
  19. yea mexican cleaning people usually dont give a shit and wont tell your parents crap, at least tahst how it works for me. ahhaha
  20. My cleaning lady always knows when I'm high and she always laughs at me... one time she saw my friend bring in his 2 foot glass bong and she was like wtf

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