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  1. Well I have around 60 bag seeds. Some is from some beasters..and about 20 is from some "Kine bud". I used windows live, to plot out my grow areas, and I know they are safe, since I've live in this town for a few years and do a lot of riding. I have 8 plots marked out. I'll be using a grow buddy, that I completly trust, but just for good measure, I'll only be using their help on some of the spots.

    I still have to go out personally and check out a few spots, there all withen walking distance to water, i.e. streams, mini lakes or rivers. Does standing water matter? I'll be using my trike to get to all these places, which won't be a concern becuase there's riding trails nearby, but no one will know that they are there.

    Last year, I went out during the summer, and was scoping out new areas, becuase my last ones I let my best friend know and he told people, which I won't be doing this year. Anyways, these spots are perfect.

    Soil mix I need help on, what mixture should I do?
    bone meal - where can i find?
    blood meal - same here
    Hpoo - I have like 20 pounds and can get as much as I want.
    coco coir - how many bricks a hole?
    perlite - lowes?

    Doing solo cups, towards the end of march, average last frost is april 18th, so I think I'll put them out 4/20 depending on the weather. Does 30 degrees below hurt the plants or what? like if it gets aorund 50, is that fine? I'll also be LST a few sites for more Yeild. Yeah, I'll have tons of harvesting..but I can get a trailer hooked up to my trike, and I can take riding trails right to my house..so that's not a problem. I'm hoping I wont have to grow anymore.

    Cops, are almost non-exsitent around here, only one on duty, no heli's, and this is out of city limits, and there's no houses near by..except old broken down farms. Ideas?>
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    yeah I've noticed that..a few days in the open and it's dry. I need something, to where I only water once a week...maybe dankozee's water savers...well water crystals.
  4. Actually, those weren't his but haha. I'm not using them: synthetic. Replace with vermiculite and perlite and compost and organics to have micro organisms retain the water too. I line my holes with brown paper and cardboard on the lower sides and part of the bottom.
  5. It was the thread title right? Anyways.. I don't think I will either, I just want to be safe. I have no problem watering them everyday if I had too, but with this many possible plants, I'd rather just do it on the weekends.

    Verm, ok I have expeirence with that too. I read about the bags too, does it really work?

    I'll be using the banana "trick" to try and get more females as well.
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    Yeah, put several layers of brown (no wriiting) paper lining part of the bottom and sides. It will hold water well but let the roots go through as the season continues (so when it rains in Fall it's well disinbtegrated and can let the water go through. This is very for hot regions !!!!. In general, if you water thoroughly and have micro organisms with manures and compost (what they eat), even without the paper etc..., it should be once every 5 days minimum, more once a week. With cardboard, paper, perlite and vermiculite, 1 watering per 10 days. I water a lot until the soil overflows, can't soak up anymore (2-3 gallons per plant every time or more if water source near and you want it to last the longest).
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    Yeah I don't live in a hot climate, just Ohio. it might be in the 90's for a week or something. I know of friends that their grow they had put a few in corn feilds, and left them, no water or anything, and they grew bad yeilds though. (oz a plant) Another grow was in some local woods, no watering there too (4oz a plant)

    Ok here's my soil mix per hole 2x2 or so..soil is pretty rich around here-SOUND GOOD?
    10% hpoo
    50% original soil
    10% verm
    10% perlite
    hand full of blood meal
    hand full of bone meal
    the rest peat, 20%

    Also where should I put coco coir in at?

    I really don't want to make tea's..Can I use some slow release ferts, so i can just water?
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    yes regular watering is crucial

    yes you can use slow release but make sure they're organic (espoma).

    Your soil mix is missing imo:
    -20 worm castings
    -20 old rich compost.
    - some rock dust (basalt) for trace elements.

    Meals and manures are prepped holes (and/or separated from the rest).

    Make sure your native dirt isn' all clay and check the pH (10dollar test kit with 10 tests) before you use it. No need of coco coir (acts like peat, doesn' t feed, like vermi and perlite too, don't feed). Make your mix richer imo with worm castings, composted manures and old compost.
  9. Yeah, I know watering is cruicial, and all my spots are close to water, so I'm taking advantage of it! Wouldn't my hpoo be composted manure? I think I have some espoma, at home to tell the truth.. I'll check this weekend.

    allright I'll check into the worm castings, rock dust and pick up a ph kits, use one per hole, or one per area?
  10. I don't know what hpoo is, lol!
    If your water source is close then it will work out great. Make sure you're not spotted when you do so.
    Test the dirt you'll be using. It doesn't necess. have to be from the holes you dug but test some good looking dirt near your spot (gather some dirt in a few areas more or les deep in that dirt you intend to use and test it). You should test especially if you plan on using quite a bit.;)
  11. horse poo! it looks like dark potting soil. has some straw in it too.

    Yeah, I won't be spotted, there's no houses anywhere close to my spots. Just atv riding trails..but I know for sure they don't come around my spots, I didn't even know these places exsisted until Windows Live search!
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    As long as it's composted or 6 month old under protected shed/stable.

    Then it's good! Make sure you don't make new tracks esp. when preparing your spots and watering. Choose the less visible way to access your plot. Don't make any new big tracks leading into your grow even if this is far away. I choose 1 discrete way in and always use that one to nt make new ones especially when I go there at night, I need one path and not ruining the wilderness aspect with many new paths and crushed bushes and grass. Use already existing paths as much as possible too to get closer.
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    yeah most of my spots, I will be doubling back awhile to achieve this.

    For example one spot is maybe 30-40 yards from the trail, but once the foilage comes in..there is no way you can get in, or even see the spot. Instead of just crossing into my spot, I'll go down 50-100 yards where a secret openning is, and double back. Like I said, I didn't even know these places where there, and I've rode on these trails for years!

    A few of my spots, I could go during the day, and be completely safe..not that I would though.

    Oh and Corto, your on my thread like mad, thanks!
  14. Sounds like the perfect recipe for big buds in the Fall. That's eactly what to do for the path problem. Just a couple trips in can reveal a grow spot with a new track. I only work/visit at night.
  15. It's looking like the average last frost for my area is april 18th, I'm not too sure of this though. If I started a few plants indoors now until then and put them out, would they go into flowering?

    I'm from penn,ohio, indiana, mich area
  16. No they'll veg until the natural flowering occurs (July for males, August for females ;)). You can induce flowering inside if you want to put out some budding female plants like 2 weeks before August, so they don't veg back and continue flowering until regular flowering time (Aug). But time this well so they don't go back into veg and then into flowering (time wasted). Good Luck with the whale lol...
  17. Yeah that's what I thought, I just read some stuff on other forums. I might put out a few auto's..but I havn't decided yet.
  18. two spots, done and planted. Wahoo! Prepped my holes, added coco coir, and a half shovel of hpoo. I dug about 15 holes, still got 5 more to throw some seeds in at another spot.

    I got 10 seeds of this ChemicalX stuff for free off this guy I know. got 6/6 germ rate so far. 3 on site 1 have sprouted too more hoping to be soon, I used another 3 on another grow. I also got a clone, but I forgot about it and it died. I'm not too sure on indica, or sativa but the mom was darker green and "chunky" leaves. couchlock like hell, put me to sleep at 10pm..amazing.

    No pics yet. but really nothing to report.

    Im pretty sure, I'm going to be cloning my ladies for a total of 15 for ChemicalX. I also have bagseed I planted multiple seeds in each hole. No cloning there.

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