AK48 Grow. Growing in a 2x2 under 1 Quantum Board (25 days old)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RadDuckling, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Hello Grasscity, since I haven't posted in short while I thought it would be rad if I could get some opinions on my current grow. I am growing 1x Ak48 from nirvana seeds under one Quantum board by horticulture lighting group. I have been using Ironhead's nutrient method throughout the entirety of my grow and so far it's been working phenomenally even in the 80f heat of socal!
    One thing that I have been wanting to try for the first time is "scrog". Do you guys think this would be a good idea even in the small grow area that I am currently in? I would love some opinions/suggestions if possible.
  2. looking bomb bro, on what day is it from seed?

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  3. Hi mate. Lovely looking plant. I have scrogged in a 2x2 many times. If you scrog it propeelly you should be looking at around 4 oz tops. Decent little haul for a 2x2.
    If you are gonna scrog top it now.
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  4. It's currently on day 26 :)

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  5. Ya that's exactly what I was planning on doing. Will definitely top today. Thank you for the suggestion.

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  6. Thought I'd do an update on my girl if any of y'all were interested :)
    So far so good. Topped her and really seemed to help the side branching catch up...
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  7. Growing quickly! What's the wattage of your QB. Think that's my next upgrade defo!
  8. 135w QB

    20170909_045244160_iOS.jpg p
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  9. Looking real good for 135 watts. Which spectrum is it?
  10. Bam. Flying into that scrog. Looking great
  11. Which QB is that?
  12. Gorgeous
    I tried AK-49 seed failed
    Beautiful plant. Which board?
    I’m running 4-132’s, 1-qb96 with wedding cake and soon gods gift will join her in flower. If there is enough room lol[​IMG][​IMG]

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    Looks good....You need some zip ties bro
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  14. With these knuckles
    I don’t need no stinking zip ties lol[​IMG]

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  15. I meant for the wires lol.... I currently have a 42 by 36 with four 304 running in it.

    Im building a new grow room i can walk into, it will basically have four 2x2 grow areas. I plan to basically divided my light up and have one 304 in four separate areas., interested to see how you do with one board in the same size area i have planned....im along for the ride
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