AK47, Blue Dream, Tangerine

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  1. All AK-47.
    Not sure of the sex on any of them.
    All 1 week old.
    \nFirst photo is from 4 days old.
    Started in 12 0z foam cups for easy transplanting.
    Here i cut away the bottom 2/3 or 3/4(however you look at it) leaving the top rim.
    A little close up on the details. Notice that small patch of brown in the middle from slight nute overload.
    Using the top of the cups, i sink them into the empty planters and fill with medium around the plant/inner rim. This smaller inner rim is easily removed and will help direct water directly to root area instead of letting water spread out and about.
    Each of those seedlings is now 1 week, 1 day old, and looking like this.
    \nThe plan for now is to Veg ridiculously hard for the next month. However, that month will not start untill these plants have reached a total growth of 4 nodes and have received their first topping.


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