Ak47 Auto.. Afghan Kush Ryder....1000 watt

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  1. I have a 6.5 by 4 by 4ft Tent
    T5 four bulb light
    1000 watt hps adjust a wing Quantum dimeable ballast Super spreader... Solarmax bulb 147k lumens
    6 inch inline fan 445cfm
    Temp. controller that hooks up to the fan
    Foxfarm Ocean Forest Soil
    Foxfarm nutrients trio plus seasme,beastie bloom, cha ching....Mexican Bat Guano also
    12 two gallon pots
    Soil ph tester
    Light timer
    Smaller clip on fan
    (Carbon filter on the way can 66)

    5 auto ak47:rolleyes:
    7 afghan kush ryder:cool:
  2. With ocean forest having so many good things in it would you guys think it be necessary to go ahead and get the bush doctors trio. Ive heard that tiger bloom may be too strong for autos. Any ideas on auto flowering nute schedule??:mad:
  3. Where's the pics bro!
  4. Dude AKR is sooooooo bomb. Youll be happy with it. I've heard some people's haven't been auto flowering, mine did fine but I guesse its a growing problem. I hear you just switch to 12/12 if they're acting up. gl
  5. Here is my pic of the seeds havent started the grow yet will germinate them this weekend

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  6. Hey Krushman I seen and old post here that you were using Super Spreaders and I have been try to find out more about these. Could you help me please? Have you an idea how much they increase your yield if any? I know that they state it will spread the heat and light so you can use your light closer to the plants. Would you also agree with that too?
  7. Howdy,

    Have you germinated these yet? I am going to grow some Afghan Kush Ryders at the end of next month, just buying and sorting stuff now. I am interesting in how your seeds will do.

    Cheers and good luck

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