Ak47 3rd Grow

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  1. Hi am currently 17 days in flower using 6x300w hps lights over 9 plants in DWC.My last grow i used 1600w with 9 plants in an NFT system and got on average 3.oz dry of each plant so am hoping for a little more using the DWC and an extra 200 watts of light.:)

    Take it easy all.:D

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  2. Looks awesome.. keep us updated.

    Did you build that room? is it just a sectioned bedroom?
  3. That setup is awsome. And for your 3rd grow too. I hope i can be that far along in experience when my 3rd grow comes around.
  4. Hi sizzlasia,:hello:

    It's just a spare room i have i have to use it for veg and flower but am hoping to get a grow tent soon for a little veg space.

    Hi purple-urple,:hello:

    Thanks for the kind words appeciated with every grow comes a little more experience am still a noob and as long you grow there's more to know.

    Take it easy lads.:wave:
  5. lookin GOOD!!:cool: just started my 1st grow last week... the seeds sprouted over the past 24 hrs and are 2" tall ! what did you use for fert?
  6. Hi all.

    Broseph am using ionic nutres.

    Here's a few pics taken yesterday 3 weeks in flower.

    Take it easy.:D

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  7. They look purdy. Hope you get a bumper crop!
  8. lookin fresh to death bro, keep up the good work
  9. subscribing..

    dont fall off this looks very interesting :)
  10. nice grow, how long were they growing before you started flowering.
  11. Hi all,

    Thanks for the kind comments aprecciated.:D i vegged for about 3-4 weeks under a 6oow hps then as soon as i flipped to flower i added another 600w hps lights.

    Here's a few pics of week 5 in flower plus i have just started using pk13/14 and noticed today i had to use an extra 10 liters to top up with.

    Take it easy.:):D :wave:

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  12. When you say vegged do you mean 3-4 from planting the seeds?
  13. Damn those are sum beastie nugs.

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