AK-48, Sugar Mango Ryder, and 60 Day Wonder - 1st Grow

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  1. Day 1

    So, my seeds finally came in. The strains are, AK-47 from Sagarmatha Seeds, 60 Day Wonder from DNA Genetics, and Sugar Mango Ryder from World of Seeds. All three are auto-flowering strains, and all free seeds are feminized. They all germinated at about 20-24 hours as well, and are sitting neatly in some Jiffy Peat Pellets. Until they sprout and I can get some pics going, I figured that I could at least get the journal up and running so I'm not rushing to do everything when I see some leaves. Here are the spec's of my grow:

    Grow Labs GL60 (2'x2'x 5'11" *hazy on the height*)
    Hydrofarm 150w HPS with reflective hood
    Various 26w/23w CFL's (in both 6500k for veg, and 2700k for flowering)
    10.5" clamp light with reflective hood (cheap kind from Lower's, supports up to 250w though so I can chain 2-4 CFL's per socket with y-adapters)
    Jiffy7 Peat Pellets with a Jiffy 16 pellet tomato greenhouse
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil
    Maricle-Gro Pearlite (washed thoroughly with ph'ed distilled water) at about a 60/40 ratio
    Fox Farms Trio of Nutirents (Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom)
    Superthrive (so far, only a minute amount mixed in with the water I expanded the Jiffy Pellets with)
    The only forced ventilation I currently have is a small desk fan situated in the spot not taken up by a bucket taking air from the passive intake flaps and pushing it upward, this will be improving soon enough

    I think that's about it for now, I'll keep you posted as these babies break ground.
  2. Day 2

    Everything is looking good, temperature ranges between 75-85 degrees and humidity of 70-80 in the tomato greenhouse. The 60 Day Wonder and Sugar Mango Ryder are just starting to break soil. I'm sorry again about the lack of pictures, just want a good shot of them when I get one, and trying to keep the humidity stable in the dome right now.

    edit - only have 56w of 6500k CFL on them at the moment, will be upping it as the leaves start to pop.
  3. Update for Day 2, the SMR is showing it's cotyledons. Wee!
  4. Day 3

    The 60 Day Wonder, and Sugar Mango Ryder have both broken through the soil, and both showed cotyledons, though the humidity was a little high in the dome today when I checked on them, 85+ or so, and the cotyledons on each of the seedlings looks a tad weak and wilted. On the 60 Day Wonder the very tips of the true leaves that are just starting to show are a little discolored, does anyone know if this is from the humidity? Or how I should go about recovering from this? I cracked the humidity dome to let them breathe a bit, even though the AK-48 hasn't quite yet broken soil (I'm just seeing the glinting of the stem pushing against the soil, should show her cotyledons today I hope). I should have a pic or two up in a little bit, just to give you guys a basis to say whats going on, I know it's hard unless you can actually see it.
  5. Day 4

    The AK-48 still hasn't broken ground, it's starting to worry me.

    I cut the superthrive out of the water supply I've been using for the peat pellets, and have a fresh container of distilled pH'd water ready to quench the seedlings thirst when they dry out a bit more.

    I didn't find the need to add pictures until some more growth happens.
  6. Day 5

    Nothing too notable today. A bit of growth on the SMR and 60DW, and the AK still hasn't sprouted. Started germing some bagseed just in case it doesn't sprout.

    Transplanted the SMR and 60DW to their new temporary homes in some jiffy pots filled with about 50/50 ratio of FFOF and pearlite.

    Anyone got any input on whether 5 gal buckets are too big of a container for the finished plants, or if something like 3 gals would work? I've read some mixed reviews for the auto-flowering strains.
  7. Day 6

    The AK still hasn't broken ground, I'm afraid I drowned it before it had the chance to.

    Started a few bag seeds, two are in soil waiting to break ground, and one is in Pearlite for shits and giggles to see if I can get it to sprout in that medium alone. Some lessons are only learned when you see em firsthand I guess.

    Gave the SMR and 60DW a dose of about 1/4 strength nutes (as per fox farms feeding schedule modified for half a gallon of water), so a very light feeding. Only fed 1ml of Grow Big, and 4-5 ml of Big Bloom. I'll keep this thread posted as anything happens.
  8. Day 9
    Both the SMR and 60DW are doing fantastically. The 60DW already is growing it's third set of true leaves, and the 60DW is growing a bit slower, but with such a beautiful coloring. I believe it's getting about time to assume the AK seed just isn't going to make it, sadly. So in its stead I germinated a few "reggie" seeds just out of the last bag I got. I'm not hoping for anymore more from these aside from a female that I can clone some quick finishing second crop instead of waiting through an entire extra vegetative cycle. Two of them have been transplanted into peat pellets, and have opened their cotyledons and showed their first set of true leaves. The third I rooted in pearlite, just mainly for shits and giggles to see if I could, but it wasn't holding nearly enough moisture so I, very gingerly, transplanted the slightly rooted seed to a peat pellet. I doubt i makes it through, but might as well fight for her(or him), while I still can.
  9. Day 12

    Started the 60DW on 1/4 Big Bloom and Grow Big, the rest are still getting pH adjusted water. Thought I'd add some pics though.

    Pic 1 is of SMR, 60DW, an two of the five bagseed sprouts I have going along with them.
    Pic 2 is the SMR
    Pic 3 is the 60DW

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