ak-48 harvest time?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dulcetcalamity, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. whats the approx harvest time for ak-48 from germination
  2. approx, it can be however long you want man...veg for a month and flower for 1.5 months,,,,or veg for 2.5 and flower for 2...average is around 85days though..look on google under ak48 and itll give you a description of plant with estimated flower or harvest time, cant remember which one they give ya..
  3. It can be as short as 7 weeks if conditions are optimal. Otherwise, on average 8 weeks. Or use your 'rule of thumb' to determine the best time to harvest. I currently in my 6th week flower with ak-48 and only one of 6 looks ready. Now I got 5. You do the math!
  4. OMG, you are gonna kill the harvest! Use an m16 instead of ak47.

  5. hmmm dont guess i ever smoked n-e a-k strain ....i smoke some afgani before ... really potent stuff good thou.

    good luck with ur grow bro

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