Ak-48 grow - Small DR40 tent, 140W pro-grow LED - Second grow

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    Well here is my second grow. Seed just sprouted a couple days ago. I have two more seeds germinating that should be ready to plant in the next 1-2 days. However, I don't think I will have the room for 3 plants, so I either expect to throw the smallest one away or....I don't know.

    I had a 150w HPS on order, but I decided to cancel it and spend 3 times the money on a good LED so I don't have to worry too much about temperature. Really excited to see how the LED does, because from what I have seen, the pro-grow LED's work great.

    Here is my parts list:
    Secret Jardin DR40
    Pro Grow 140w LED
    Fox farms Ocean forest soil
    Fox farms trio nutes
    4" inline 80 CFM fan
    Smart pots 2 Gallon

    Right now I'm using two 26w CFL's for my one and only sprout.
    I expect to update this a lot, and I will not finish too early this time.

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    Better pictures

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  3. ooooo nice, subbed
  4. Nice. I love these tent grows I plan on doing the dr60 tent with 400 watt hps/mh..what are you doing for exhaust?

  5. I wish I could've bought the dr60! Maybe in the future.

    The DR40 only has an exhaust at the top of the tent. So I'll be using my 4" duct fan. Smell isn't really a problem, so unless it gets really stinky I won't be using a filter.
  6. Im anxious to see how this led does. Havnt really seen many or looked into them..maybe I might try it
  7. Yeah me too. The few grows I've seen with this particular LED have yielded better results than a 150 HPS. So hopefully I can get through the next few months with little problems.
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    New LED light just got here! Its so bright I'm a bit worried about my little spout.....

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  9. Nice bro! Can you use it for veg and flower?
  10. Can you throw us some specs on that LED light? Like the brand, wattage and price. I'm looking into getting one.
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    Pro-Grow 180 (Cree) | Hydroponics Hut
    It's the old version of the 180w. Same size and everything I was told by customer service. The 180W is just a little more powerful (obviously) and has a better lens for vegging.

    I bought it for $174 on ebay, directly from the company. They make quality LED lights that rival if not surpass HID from what I've seen. A bit expensive, but with power savings from 1 grow I figured I'd about break even.

  12. Yeah, it has two button. 1 for the veg spectrum lights, another for the flower spectrum. You can also use both at the same time which is a nice option. This LED really shines during flowering I am told, which is the opposite of the majority of LED's.
  13. Should be cool to watch. subbed

  14. Glad to have you. Sub'd yours as well....amazing setup you've got going.
  15. Subbed. I'm excited to see how it turns out. I've seen less than optimum results with LEDs before, but I'm still optimistic. I'm doing a full CFL grow right now, but I'm on a budget and I'm considering switching to LED on my next grow if I see good results from others

  16. I think the majority of people use 90W UFO LED's that aren't really meant for growing pot (More specifically flowering), so everyone just kind of assumes LED's aren't worth the $ yet. But there are plenty of fairly cheap LED panels out there made especially for cannabis, most people just don't know it.
  17. Hey man, how's that tent working out for you? Considering buying one. :)

    Also I'm subbed as well. Interested to see how those LEDs work.

    Good luck man!
  18. Alright, I'm in. I want to see how the LEDs work out.
  19. Hey man, also another thing.. Where did you happen to buy your DR40?
  20. Glad to have you guys

    The tent has been great so far. It's definitely high quality, and I honestly can't imagine having a tent that I would like more. However, it is small, not too small...but close, ha.

    I got my tent from:
    Dark Room DR40 from Growco Indoor Garden Supply
    Highly recommended for anything.

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