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    Strain: AK-48 by Nirvana

    Growth: Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Perlite 20% added.

    Light: 400 Watt MH

    Nutes: Fox Farm trio

    Average 1 to 1 1/2 once per plant

    Bag Appeal: 5/10
    -Honestly nothing special.. Lots of red hair but very airy buds...

    Smell: 5/10
    - While growing she really didn't let off much smell.. Very easy to conceal against nosey neighbors and any one else that comes around.. Once cured she has a bit of a citrusy smell but not over powering.. I personally like a stronger aroma to my stash...

    Taste: 5/10
    - Dank!!! Dank!! Dank!!! Very smooth smoke when cured properly .. AK-48 has a taste all it's own.. Not sweet at all.. It kinda has a bit of a fuel taste that almost leaves your mouth numb with a very earthy after taste... Taste is improved with a longer veg period I try to let them veg atleast 1 1/2 to 2 months but still not great.. Personally I'd perfer a sweeter smoke with a lil more character and a lil less after taste...

    The High: 5/10
    -The High starts off great after about a full bowl to yourself... It comes on strong (total head high) which only lasts around 5 minutes and than mellows out to a decent body buzz... The main problem I have is this girl truly has no leggs... The high only lasts a total of maybe 30 to 45 minutes and then time to go again..

    -Overall she was very easy to grow ,great for beginners but grows airy buds with a not to great taste and a decent high.. All in all I'd have to say AK-48 is a mid grade smoke at best.. Needless to say AK-48 will no longer have a place in my garden..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. The airy buds are probably a result of not enough light more than genetics.
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  3. That's exactly what I thought at first do to the fact I'm only running 1 400 watter in my flowering room and 5 plants at a time.. So I had my cousin do a run in his grow room with one of these girls.. He's running 3 1000 watt hps lamps in his flowering room and we still got close to the same results although his yield was significantly better the buds were still lacking in density... Don't get me wrong AK-48 is a great beginner strain for both growers and smokers but personally I perfer something that packs a lil more of a punch...
  4. If these are airy buds then I need to get my eyes checked.

  5. Compared to other strains I've tried these buds are airy.. Take Nirvana's BlackJack for instance when flowering buds are very dense and after harvest the buds are rock hard with a nice size to wieght ratio.. Ak-48 on the other hand is very spongy and light.. Another words an 8th of Ak-48 in a bag next to an 8th of BlackJack looks twice as big because of the difference in density... Although the pics make the buds look dense when handled there is a hugh difference... Once again don't get me wrong Ak-48 is a decent smoke and I'd highly recommend it for beginners both for easy growing and the great price of the seeds... Although I'd much rather go with BlackJack which is also very easy to grow with a lot longer lasting high and packs more of a punch.. JMO;)

  6. hmm.. seems like they didn't do the serious seeds ak47 justice.
  7. I've tried AK-47 from serious seeds and have to say there is no comparison.. Ak-47 is an awesome smoke and I look forward to growing her real soon!!!!
  8. those buds look great. they look better than id think you would rate it based off the pics. ncie job
  9. I have to agree with everyting you said. My last grow I grew this.

    They were airy and everything you said pretty was the same.

    Nice review.
  10. did you use MH the whole time??? if you used MH to flower thats why there are airy buds. try using 400w hps and you will see owrld of difference
  11. Just did a round with this. vegged for a month under mh and flowered for about 10 weeks under a 600 watt. Didn't quite have 100w per plant, but it turned out alright.

    Out of the strains grown my last grow (WW, some kind of lemon clone, ak48, and kc brains mango) the ak 48 was by far the least dense. Smoke has almost no flavor, but I'm still waiting on a proper cure.

    I have nirvana's snow white and papaya in very small seedling stage right now I hope they turn out better
  12. Hmmm, the reviews of this strain here are a little bit discouraging than the ones I've read on other forums or even at Nirvana's site. I have one of these ladies at home, a month away from harvest and hoped the head high would last a lot longer than 5 minutes. :/
  13. yea I'm growing them too, cuz master kush wasnt available anymore and this one has one of the shortest flowering periods.

    Looking forward to your smoke report Hypnotic!
  14. pitbullllllllll, i love seeing these reviews on nirvana strains! +rep! beautiful plant, always nice to see such a beautiful scrog.
  15. i agree with most everything that has been said. Here is my additional info....

    I grew 2 AK48s and 2 Snow Whites from nirvana.

    2 gallon pots/ Fox Farm ocean forest
    vegged 40 days from seed drop to flipping the lights
    topped 1 time after 6th node
    flowered for 85 days
    150HPS+ 312watts of CFL
    plants finished at 18-20 inches tall

    Harvested 6.6oz total. Each plant produced between 45 to 50 grams after 7 day cure and 1 week in the jar.

    The Ak48 is just more airy. Smelled delicious when touched while growing but didnt keep a whole lot of smell afterwards. Vaporizer is great for this strain. I really preferred the Snow White over the AK-48. AK is not bad! I just have to smoke more of it. Joints!

  16. 6.6 oz of ak48 and snow white! nice pull! snow white is great, i just harvested a snow white cross and i couldnt be happier with the bud quality.
  17. this review is completely inaccurate due to mediocre grow setup. I have 7 ak48's in 1 month of flowering as we speak and they look and smell amazing. I also got 1 mother plant and 4 clones in veg. I honestly cant believe the yield pitbull posted. I believe it, but thats not an overall view of every ak48 plant grown. you just fuked up,thats all. everytime i grow ak48 I let it veg till its at least 2 feet fall (from dirt to the top) then put it in 12/12 for 2 months. Each plant gives me more then 2 1/2 ounces each. I only use a single 400watt HPS lamp. HPS makes a HUGE difference. invest and try again
  18. oh and foxfarm nutes. grow big and tiger bloom. fed nutes every other day. a capful in gallon milk jug of tap water which sat for 2 days to achieve room temp. i quit feeding nutes for the last 2 weeks of harvest to achieve excellent taste in the end
  19. I agree. I found 2 phenos so far. One sativa favoring that i destroyed. Really potent smoke but the buds were airy, didnt pull much. Then the other which is currently my mother has a really fruity smell. Very nice head and body stone, nice taste in the vape, fairly long lasting high.

    Last AK i harvested pulled 2 OZ. 3 Big ass colas. I smoked off the plant its entire flower cycle basicly, so 2 seemed pretty good.
    Just got my perpetual recirculating bubble buckets running. 8 bucket setup 2 plants go in every 2 weeks. 1200 watts(3 400w HPS). Was running foxfarm trio until it became to expensive for my 8 plant system. Switched to Lucas Formula, Maxibloom. Growth has been insane. Should be on track to pull 5-5 1/2 O's every 2 weeks.
  20. ive heard alot of stuff about lucas formulas. i may give them a wirl in the future

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