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  1. So this is what I got 3 AK-47 clones I just got today. My question is are the stems on the plant suppose to be purple with this strain , root bound or sick I will put picks up if necessary any info will help
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    Here are the pics
  3. bump for some info
  4. Ok, what's your ph level?
    Generally a plant with purple stems is suffering from some sort of shortage. With them being so young I don't see them having a nute shortage, unless your having ph issues and the nutes are being locked out. It seems a little young for the problem to be being caused by a salt build up aswell.
  5. I had purple stems for a while. It was due to the ph being too low and locking out some key nutes. Double check your ph
  6. Thanks guys checked the ph it was below 4.6 so I flushed them completely and used a quarter strength nute and adjusted the ph watered , was that the right thing to do never had a ph problem before .
  7. Flush until you get your run off ph to at least 6.

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