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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dagobaker, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. some pics of my ak47
    these even seemed to want to create some purps.....never seen ak with purps
    this is my last run of ak47.......the peeps are getting sick of it
    these were just chopped

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  2. more pics........................
    best loooking ak ive grown

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  3. dank as hell, and they arent even cured yet...

    is ak-47 an autoflowering strain?
  4. OMG. That right there...that stuff there, is dank
  5. i just came
  6. damn that shit looks good. i wouldnt get tired of dank like that
  7. yea still wet
    they always look like they have 2x the sugar after they cure
    this was a very frosty run of the ak
  8. Nope.
    Nice pics, is that the cherry pheno of AK-47?
  9. its just from seed from serious seeds
  10. Very delicious herb man, did you grow them? I know that's the only shot I got at getting my hands on that AK-47 here on the east coast. ENJOY!
  11. Those look like they fell straight from heaven :eek::smoking:
  12. that's the stuff right there.
  13. i ran the ak-47 for about 9 months i think with this run probably being the coolest with the purps coming out of some of the buds

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