Ak-47 winter grow//seed to smoke!!!

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  1. Time for the winter grow. All ive ever grown is bag seeds. So this is my first sling at a good strain. I ordered ak-47 from high grade seeds. Got my order in very quick. Hgs was very fast. Got 13 seeds in my pack. 3 xtra.
    This will be a hempy bucket grow. 100% perlite. 8 liter pots. I germed 8 seeds (paper towel method) 1253548360.jpg

    i put them all into their new homes(just like in a soil grow tails down about 2 or 3 cm under the perlite). 1253548408.jpg im going to let them get about 3 to 4 weeks old before i add my 600w hps. They will veg till preflower.

    Im going to use fox farms nutes through out the grow. Ak-47 should flower for about 8 to 9 weeks. It should be a very good new year!!!!!!

    I will update about twice a week with pics.
    Please chime in with any advise or questions. It is all welcome

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  3. Great to have you along.
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    Can't wait. Are you gonna keep them in the 8 liter containers all the way?

  5. all the way. They should get about 4 foot tall. Maybe 5???
  6. well the seedlings have been in perlite for 9 days today. hempy buckets are so slow from seed!!! this is the longest 12 or so days of my life. waiting to see if they take off. you will think they are dead waiting on new growth. so, it is getting close now. i hope to be able to show some ak's getting big by next week????
  7. its going to be exponential once it hits :D

    Ive never done HBuckets, but if im not mistaken, Hempy has said (on another site) you can plug the hole, and use a higher hole so you raise the level of the water. Once the roots hit it, then switch to the lower hole....might cut the time down a little?



    you can see a small amout of growth. i think you can see the buckets (pots) that i use too.

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  9. I believe imo, that the wait now (waiting for the plant to take shape and start growing) is harder for me than the wait in flower. There is noticable growth but very slow right now. Here is a pic from 3 days ago and a pic from last night. About 70 hrs of growth...

    sorry for the bore but it going to get better some time pretty quick

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  10. Hey man looking good, I'm growing some NL5 from HGS myself.. I'm not too impressed with his genetics, but hopefully your AK's will turn out nice! He has the good old school stuff! :smoking: Keep an eye out for herm's when they get older.. I had several of the NL5's go H on me, if you read around HGS forum you'll see a lot of comments about his strains going H. I'm interested to see how these turn out for ya.. If they are better than my NL's I'm probably going to grab some of the AK seeds from him myself.. I love that strain and he's the only one I've found that has true AK47 at a decent price.

    Good luck with the grow!

  11. thanks for stoppin by! I have seen what your talkin about with the hermies. While i was lookin for ak's about all i could find was auto's and lowriders. Which i didnt want. Hgs was cheap. So i got them. The bad thing is my last two grows ive had some go hermie. I hope to line that out this time.
  12. Hey just wanted to let ya know, I just checked my NL5's and the last 2 I was holding out hope for have gone HERM!. Wah wah wahhh... Out of the 13 seeds I got, 5 were female.. All are Herm. Such a let down. I sincerely hope you dont have this problem with your AK's. What a shame.
  13. I'm excited to see the outcome my friend...good luck!:wave:
  14. you said those are from hgs??? that is a f'n bummer...

    thanks for stopping by. i hope the outcome is exciting
  15. Yeah They're from HGS.. I have plants from several other seedbanks and the HGS NL5 are the only ones that went herm.. It would've been disappointing to have a few herms, but all of em? Man, that's just bad genetics. I'm sticking with reputable seedbanks from now on.. I was looking my blue widow over and noticed that some of the lower buds have been pollinated by the hermied NL5's from HGS.. I'm going to let the seeds mature. That should be an interesting cross so it's not a total loss, will be a mix of Blueberry, White Widow and NL5.. I'm definitely going to plant a few of the resulting seeds.. Was really hoping for a seedless crop though.. I removed the NL's from my grow space, at least I caught em before they pollinated my White Castle's. I can still count on those to be sinsemilla..

    Hope all goes well for ya with this grow and you end up with several strong females.. I'm subscribed so I'll keep checkin up on ya.. :smoking:

    Take care!
  16. hey 1000 in a couple of the journals ive read with hg seeds that had the hermie problem. Two of the people emailed hgs told them about there problem and hgs send them a new pack of seeds. I dont know if you want to try that but why not???? As far as your seeds they will carry the hermie trait wont they???? I ask bc i have some seeds from some bomb ass bagseed (looks like white russian to me) that im a bit scared of hermies!
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    Maybe, I'm hoping the blue widow genes will be dominant and maybe I wont have such a hermie problem with the resulting seeds.. I'm going to baby the things along after I plant em, so we'll see what happens. I'm very impressed with the Dinafem genetics.. The Blue Widow is the strongest most healthy female I've ever grown.. Thank's so much for the tip! I actually read that on his forum awhile ago, but forgot.. I'll see what he says..
  18. Nice, we're along pretty much the same it seems like except I'm using bag seeds from some really potent buds I got not too long ago. These are on about 2-3 days

    Not trying to hi-jack just comparing as I'm new here and this is my first grow.
    Growing in a pc case, with 3 CFL 26W with the right K just haven't had any sleep not coming to my mind at the moment :rolleyes:

    Link to picture
    Yfrog - sprouts
  19. thanks for stoping in. Welcome to gc!! Good luck on the sprouts
  20. Well maybe the growth has started there are noticable growth every day now they have had one application of nutes and will get there second 10/2. On a few of the plants you can see where a small amount of roots have made their way to the reserve. So maybe the hard part is over. Here are a few pics takin today.


    i believe that this is 3 days growth


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