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Ak 47 need help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AbleChronic, Apr 24, 2010.

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    there are 9 ak 47 and when should it be fliped to 12/12 the hight that it dealing with is like maby 5 ft lol its like in a closet i will post pics ...wanna try and get the best yeild that can happen ....can anyone help

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  2. i forgot to add something ....they want bigger buds soo do they flower them longer to get bigger buds so the light can keep being raised because they are only dealing with so much hight......can some one help
  3. Just grew 3 ak's and they were all shortish plants, around 3 1/2 feet(not topped or trained). Vegged for 5 or 6 weeks (?), though all got a slow start, due to my error. I'd top/train them and veg at least 5/6 weeks. Huge yielders. Have a pic from week 6, the other plant is an A11. Tastes much fruitier than i remember it used to, but still good!

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  4. kk thanks for the info ....but i wanna know if i should switch them now or let them get bigger .....for a better yeild
  5. For bigger buds, light is the key. Since you have a small space limited by height, you should run a SCROG. Keep your canopy low, that will give you better light penetration on a SCROG. Your plants are not too big. You should put a screen about 10" above your pots. If you want more info on a SCROG, just check out my thread, all the info is there for a SCROG.
  6. I'm in my 3rd week of flowering Ak-47 I vegged for 8 weeks then went to 12/12 they were about the size of yours but a little bushier man they have took off now I have been keeping my HPS about 16" above them and they are staying dense even though their stretching also I am adding some H.O. fluroscent I vegged with this seems to be helping under the canopy vegetation the buds are gonna be thick I hope their all the way down every chute.
  7. thanks and iswitched them to 12/12 like 2 weeks ago and they are starting to look pretty good i will take some pics and tell me what you think
  8. Please do I am curious about what someone elses look like I will also post a new thread with pictures of mine beginning week 5 flowering take a look.
  9. wow they look nice here are ome pics of mine
  10. they are at week 2

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  11. Their looking good, did you veg with Metal Halide?
  12. ya dude i use it all the time lol that why i am not getting good big buds loll
  13. Another question .....what is advance nut ...and i am starting to do a 100 of m-39 should i let them bush right out like veg them for 6-7 weeks then swithch them over ...or top them when in veg to get more i dunno i tryed everything i could think of can you help me ....i am going to make a new post on it with pic but the pics will be later on were just getting the 3 rooms ready now lol
  14. AbleChronic, advance nut? = Advance Nutrient

    I like to veg with HO T5 6500k fluroscent tubes and keep them right on top of the plants I mean 2" to 4" above then when the plants are about 12" tall and bushy as hell I go to 12/12 with HID HPS and T5 6500k mixture and induce flowering. Also temperature and humidity levels during veg crucial. (T5 6500k individual lamps around the bottom of plants for under canopy when HPS is added)

    I have always seen that stretch with Metal Halide.

    The pics of my Ak-47 grow was just T5 6500k Fluroscent to HID HPS.

    I am no expert but I think this would help your stretching
  15. okk so use the T5 lights for veg but like i am doing another grow of a 100 how would i do that under T5 just get LOTS of them lol like 8-10 ft tubes....and another question is that is there any speacial ballast i need or just flourcent ballast .. i have 3 of them and there like a black tube lol ......should they be a certain watt or what

  16. Good pics

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  17. Nice little buds. Now get your light down on them, as close as you can without burning them.:smoking:
  18. its like 12 inc away from them should it be closer?
  19. They are high Output T5 Fluroscent 6500k a regular fluro ballast will not put out that kind of light check out the Badboy T5. I am ordering one. I am using a new wave right now it is a 2' x 21" it kicks ass i am posting a thread with some pics of my veg area and the light so you can see it. I don't know how to send you a pic any other way to send you a picture it will be titled T5 veg box check it out
  20. i am got a buch of them, how close should i put them to my new babies

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