Ak 47 gone auto

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  1. I have some seeds from different breeders. A few plants I've been monument from my grow room under a T5 into my flower room under my1000 k hps just so they would grow faster. Maybe the different spectrum triggerd there flowering . I had one auto I was moving in and out of the flower room when the lights go out back the veg room the other two are Ak47 from S.S and rugburn og the auto is barely flowing after45 days24 hours light12 florescent 12hps the auto is Afghan Ryder the AK is full blown flowing under24 hours light and growing remarkably fast. Any one else have a similar experience?can this trait be bred into a plant?I Also have a silver haze clone a friend gave me that stays dwarf and seems to be auto he said was a normal seed cloned many generations that mutated i begged one for45 days out stayed about1 a foot tall and just free branches looks like a bonzi tree. I know auto come from ruderalis bred into a plant. Is it possible for a clone to go auto?
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    You cant clone an auto cause the cutting is on the same eternal clock as the plant it came from. So when the original plant dies, so does the cutting. That being said I dont think they would be autos, did they go into flower without 12/12?

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