Ak-47 5th week flowering Please Advise?????? Need Help

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  1. I am nearing the end of my first indoor grow the Ak-47 was suppose to be flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. They are starting to mature fast and I really don't want to screw this up I'm a nervous wreck over it. Here are some questions I hope someone will help me with.
    I will attach a couple pics take a look please and let me know whats up?

    Is the 8 tom 9 weeks from the time I started the flowering cycle?

    When do I know to start flushing?

    Is it possible that they are going to finish earlier?

    Is their anything I should be doing to prepare to harvest?

    Someone Please advise it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance

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  2. Yes 8-9 from start of flowering.

    You start flushing 2 weeks before you are going to harvest.

    You should get a pocket microscope so you can look at the trichomes. Thats really the only way to tell when it is done. And remeber it all depends on you once the triches go cloudy. Depending on what kind of high you want.
  3. You still have a lot of time to go buddy those look like at minimum another 4 weeksish. 8-9weeks is just a starting point. Your plants are affected by everything you do to them so depending on how stressed they were during there grow...it could be longer than that. You seem kinda anxious so I hope it's not longer than that for your sake.

    I would heed dreamingreens advice...pickup a miniscope find em at radioshack Illuminated Microscope - RadioShack.com there's a link to one of the more popular ones, just cause it works and is cheap. A little cludy with a little amber is a great high. ;)

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