AJ's Indoor NYPD/MasterKush Soil Grow! (Im Baack!!)

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    Ok you guys have not seen or heard from me since I was in another state many miles away. I handled my business, got my money right, moved to a medicinal marijuana state, and got into a nice home with my MMJ Card! I can now legally grow 12 Plants!

    Heres my setup.

    Seeds : x6 Master Kush
    x6 New York Power Diesel

    Lights : 600w Digital Greenhouse switchable ballast
    Sun System Yield Master II classic 6" Reflector with tempered glass
    6" Foil Duct work

    Fans : 6" Inline fan 400 CFM (Exhaust)
    4" Inline duct booster 100 CFM (Intake)
    12" Free standing breeze fan

    Environment : Grow tent (8ft Tall, 8ft long, 6ft wide)
    made from 2x4 & 2x10 stud. Lined with '2faced' poly blackout
    material, white inside, black outside.

    Medium : 5 Gallon Bucket on runoff saucers, FFOF Soil Mix
    (2:1 FFOF:perlite)

    Also got Dr.Earth's Phosphorus Bone Meal 3-15-0 is the NPK Rating. Will pre treat soil before i start my grow. any advice on how to treat the FFOF with the bone meal?

    Nutrients : Veg, FoxFarm GrowBig 6-4-4
    Flower, Foxfarm Tiger Bloom 2-8-4
    I didnt pickup the BigBloom Enhaancement. Has anyone used this
    comparatively? Is it worth getting?

    C02 : x3 5 gal buckets with fermenting solution, hoses ran to plant base x4 per bucket.

    also have a remote thermometer for gauging the temp from my computer while im on GC :D I will be getting a more accurate thermometer/RH Meter for inside the grow.
    PIX :




    I have my buckets and saucers, still waiting for the following to come in before i can start.

    - Seeds (Mail)
    - PH Meter (Mail) (Hydroshop = overpriced)
    - Intake/Exhaust fans (Mail) (Hydroshop = overpriced)
    - Soil/Perlite (awaiting buying it til seeds are in. dont want ferts sitting in my house for a week chancing spoiling the whole bunch.)

    Should be starting up in the next week or so, will post more pix when complete.

    Please feel free to comment, any/all advice is appreciated.:hello::D:smoking:

    ok time for the fiance and I to take our medicine, see you in the clouds! @_@
  2. good setup ,,,
  3. lookin good.....gonna watch if ya dont mind
  4. Pullin up a chair. :bongin:

    How much did the fans cost you BTW?
  5. Thanks everyone! Seeds should be here by the new year :( hope they get here sooner!
  6. Got the 100CFM 6" Inline duct booster on amazon for 23.95+ free shipping. Then the 400CFM Quiet Hydrofarm 6" Inline fan was 85+ free shipping. The breeze fan I had. Im an aavid amazon buyer lol.
  7. Amazon and Ebay are the best places lol. It's always nice to get started sooner, but at least it gives you time to perfect the area.

    How come only the ducting on one side of the hood?
  8. nice clean setup man, im here!
  9. Well I want the exhaust fan to pull hot air from the top of the environment. C02 gases are heavier than air and will get sucked out by the fan if the intake ducting is too low. The second 6" hole is for multiple lights if u wanted to hook 1 bigger 6" fan to x2 600w Lights you can run ur duct work in tandem.
  10. Ok I have everything I need ordered, Fans & bulb i needed are ordered and on the way. Im running tests today to see how my space behaves.

    my remote thermometer by my pc says the space is 57 degrees. I just kicked on the 600w HPS bulb to measure heat over time without circulation.

    I'll post results when done! also a few more pix of a more complete setup :p
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    Ok I have my c02 buckets done, 5/8 nylon tube + buckets & duct tape. ran my exhaust out and ran my tests.

    running for 1 hours from 930am to 1030 am it went from 57- 74.
    running for 3 hours from 6pm to 9pm it went from 75 - 85 and has stayed there ever since.

    questioning what kinda fans I need. Maybe I can just do 1 100 cfm inline duct booster for exhaust and one for intake and that might be enough. any thoughts?


    EDIT: my bad the duct boosters im looking at are 240cfm. whaat if i got two? that would be 240 cfms out and 240 cfms in. think thats enough?

    EDIT: EDIT: ran for 6 hours straight without exhaust in the tent. Peaked at 87 degrees. been off 2 hours now and it dropped to 72 degrees. Im thinking x2 240 cfm inline duct boosters will do better as intake/exhaust for the space. I want the heat from the light to pour into the room the tents in. so when the lights go out maybe it wont drop so quickly.

    Let me know what ya think
  12. PH Meters, in!

    Still waiting on the following to come in the mail:

    Hopefully 2013 will be green :) Merry Xmas Everyone!
  13. looking good so far man. whats a roundtrip ticket up there?

    Id love to help you harvest it. you got my new #? text me and if i dont reply then its my old #. lol

    later man and good luck on that grow!
  14. Yeah man finally have all good equipment and a great space to do it in. It would be too pricey to fly. like 200$. you still got that honda? Its a straight shot up the only interstate by you that goes north/south. It would be cheaper in that honda than the probable 250$ ticket. lemme know what ya wanna do id love the help.
  15. Pulling up a chair...
  16. Good, the more the better!
  17. Seeds are in today!!! Tomorrow or Saturday Im going to the hydro shop to get my soil/perlite! Should be operational by sunday/monday!
  18. Cant wait! Thanks for helpin on my air setup i got my hid today..switching to flower soon and kickin it all in!!
  19. Nice! My bulb came in, and i was pissed!! The site said it was a 6400k bulb, but i get it and its 4000k!! as you can see in my chart in makes a HUGE difference. So tomorrow Ill just go buy an overpriced hydroshop bulb so i know what im buyng. Just gonna get a MaxLume 65,000 lumen 6500k 60$ cheapie.


    So to drown my sorrows I got the following at the dispensary.

    1g Sour Primo (BEST)
    1g Purple Trippin
    2g Sour Grapes
    1g Purple Trainwreck

    So ill be off in a cloud. Fan will be here monday. I will be starting monday night and doing prep-work until then.

    IM SO ANXIOUS!!! *Takes a puff*
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    Ok found out the bulbs box was mislabeled from the manufacturer go figure. its too blue for it to be 4000k i sparked it up and am running it now since it runs hotter i need to do more temp tests. Dirt/Perlite & Germination Tomorrow, Fan monday, Then I run some final temp tests with the fan. Then I flush my newly mixed soil/perlite for the babies and let the light run and dry the soil some and raise the RH before i plant the germed babies!

    EDIT: Boy is thaat 70,000 lumen bulb bright haaha. Need my UV protecting glasses to go in there lol

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