Aite', I am broke as hell, and I cant afford any smokes...

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  1. All I would like to know is are there any ways anybody knows of that can help me find something to smoke? I am seriously just considering smoking a sheet of paper. If anyone can help just do what ever.
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    There are certain plants, but as suggested below, go bum.
    Take your change to coinstar, and your bottles to bottle return, and get yourself a tin of bugle tobacco and bugle papers.
  3. dude....
  4. Do the change thing if you have any. My mom gave me one of those cardboard camping bowls full of change (nickels dimes and pennies, no quarters) and it came out to 23 bucks... Which coincidentally is around what I needed to grab a dub and some gas, gotta love money you didn't expect.
  5. Only problem there is I live with my Aunty and I have been bumming money off her for several things and she is currently 200+ in debt. So i doubt i'll find any change anywhere. Is parsley worth smoking?
  6. From where I'm

    Are you trying to get high or do you just like smoking things? I mean this is a pretty fiendish level of despair
  7. Yeah if your craving nicotine then smoking parsley ain't gonna do shit. Apart from rip your throat apart.
    The way i see it is this, If you cant afford to do something then don't do it. Especially something as addictive as tobacco.

    And I'm guessing your under 18 right?
  8. Sounds like you need to quit bro.
  9. I would suggest getting a job...


    1.) Find a friend to smoke with(always works for me?)
    2.) Rob somebody(either for cash or weed)
    3.) Once again, use this sober time to go look for a job :p

    and since your considering smoking parcley(wtf man?) then I would suggest you go with #3 :D
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    No, I am 18, I just haven't had any smokes for 3 days, (pathetic huh), and i am having a major nicotine craving. I've been smoking for about 4 and a half years, so I am just flipping out. Hell im listening to Simple Plan and Drinking about 2 Gallons of water each day to keep my mind off of it. And I can't even find any jobs, here in Richmond, Indiana, so I am probably fucked for about 2 weeks. Hopefully she loans me money again. And The whole parsley thing is just out of curiosity and aggravation. And I don't smoke pot, I just can't stand the smell of the shit. I can hang out with friends while they smoke it, I just can't cough up the balls enough to inhale the shit. I'll stick with cigarettes and cigars.

  11. why are you here exactly?
  12. yeah go to your local smoker friendly and buy:

    5oz of tobacco - $8
    Big pack of RAW or similar rolling papers - $3
    Cheap rolling machine - $1
    (OPTIONAL) Jumbo pack of filters - $5

    Go home and roll a bunch of your own cigs (at least 100) for like $12-$17
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  14. this thread is hilarious
  15. The OP needs serious help if he is thinking about smoking parsley/a sheet of paper. Wtf?:confused:
  16. Packs of top tobacco by me are 1.80 at the gas station, comes with free papers too.
  17. Why the fuck are you here if you dont smoke pot?
  18. -Rep ..
  19. haha this thread IS previously stated.
  20. Well, you could stand on the street corner and whore yourself out to fat chicks.... They need lovin too, they just gotta pay :devious:

    Correct me I'm mistaken here... But you said you can't stand the smell of pot, but you don't mind it if your friends next to you smoke pot.... You just can't get enough balls to inhale?

    That sounds kind of contradictory to me.... And you got no balls.

    But it's all good, not everybody smokes pot. Acceptance blades acceptance.

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