Airy Buds With Lots of Hairs

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Qlone, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I got some homegrown buds that undoubtedly produce a nice high.. They are on the verge of being high grade they are just a bit airy, and are predominately covered in a thick layer of red hairs.

    I took some and just kindof rolled them up in some paper to compress it a little. Then left it sit for a day. What I got was somthing that resembled more of a nug that you might buy from a friend. It had more of a resembalence to a quality bud, you saw more green...and all the red hairs faded into the bud.

    Im wondering now if I should do this with the remainder. Possibly to also create more of a micro condition for the rest of the cure?

    Its still too wet right now but i was thinking after it cures a bit more...

    I think with the growing conditions it was likely pulled a wee bit early, and low lighting...the buds just didnt swell out past the hairs as much.

    Any thoughts about slightly compressing?
  2. truly it dosnt matter if its too airy. If your gonna be smoking it by yourself then it shouldnt be that big of a deal but try drying and curing the longer.
  3. airy means more fluffy....looks like theres more weed in the bag...
  4. Pictures :)
  5. My smoke and woman have to have the same qualities, Small and Tight :D

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