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Airtight Jar

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Steves`, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. anyone know if u can use those Nestle coffee jars for airtight jars to store your weed?
  2. Yeah I think so.
  3. Well are the nestle coffee jars airtight? And it depends on how long you plan on storing them for.
  4. not sure they seem so, and only for a short while such as a few days, not weeks/months or anything
  5. Just fill up a sink. Close the container and submerge it.

    If it's watertight... it's airtight.
  6. yeh its watertight and i just got told its airtight so all good :smoking:
  7. Yeah for sure, though make sure you get rid of all residual smell. Nothings worse than opening up your jar to get some herb and realizing it no longer smells like our precious green but instead like cheap coffee or hot chocolate.

  8. Just get a mason jar for your buds, I'm sure you have a spare one lying around the house somewhere.
  9. dude i just bought an acrylic air tight jar (glass one broke) and it is a very smart investment. i can easily conceal the smell of an ounce of really dank weed. just make sure you get one that looks legit there are alot that appear air tight that really arent. u can get a good one for like 10 bucks id do that :smoking:stay high
  10. Just so you know, plastic can seem airtight, but ANY plastic seal is not 100% airtight and will still dry out your weed very quickly, even overnight.

    Go and buy a small mason jar(the kind with a 2 part lid), or even a whole case of them for like 20 bucks, that should last forever.
  11. Yeah mason jars ftw. Thankfully my dealer sells me my herbs already in jars.:) I have probably 10-15 250 ml jars lying around my room. (empty unfortunately)
  12. hahaha sweet. Thats pretty cool, must be a nice dude(or just got cash to throw away)
  13. My favorite jars to use to cure my weed is those clamp ones. They normally have a ret rubber attached to them for maximum suction but yeah its the ones that flip over and then u put the metal latch over and push down. Hope i make sense :p

  14. Yeah man, I consider him more of a friend then a dealer. He only sells the dankest shit too. Only problem is he recently moved an 1 hour drive away. Still make my way out to visit and pick up, just always buy a couple ounces at a time to make it reasonable.

    Ps. You a Billy Joel fan?

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