airsoft bbs in a bong?

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  1. i was at this kids house the other day and in his bong there was a bunch airsoft pellets. i didnt really think about it until i got home so i didnt ask him why. im guessing its for diffusing but im not sure. and blades out there in the know?
  2. Seems like a bad idea if there's any percs

  3. ^that.
    They're diffuser beads. I have some glass ones that I occasionally use (basically just slightly smaller glass marbles) but usually I'm too lazy.
  4. its pretty sweet actually in my staight tube
  5. perfect.
    just dont pull too hard or u can suck one down ur lungs
  6. yup, my friend ate one cause they had them in their SB bub.
  7. imagine it going into your lungs and wrecking havoc on your alveoli. it can tear them apart and that kind of damage ir irreversable. the shredding of the lungs internals
    like apples falling off of a tree kind of situation
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    Same here :) exactly.
  9. If you have a straight tube with ice pinchers, even better. The ice will keep the pellets from going into your lungs so you can pull as hard as you want.
  10. How many do you out in and does it work well? I broke my ashcatcher and my hits are so harsh now but I don't have $ to get another one yet
  11. Don't choke on them when they shoot up when back pressure builds up.

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