Airsoft anyone? [Pics of my toy]

Discussion in 'General' started by vc77, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Anyone else like plappin fully automatic bb guns around?

    M16 RIS with spring/barrel upgrade. Shoots 380 FPS at 25 feet. Max distance for point target is 200 feet and max range is over 400 feet for area target. Tactedge red/green dot reflex sight.

    Heres the pics!


    Sorry for the blurry pic, couldn't get a better one of the red dot. You get the point ;)



    Post pics of your guns if you got them :)
  2. I'm guessing we have a bunch of paintballers here ;)

    It's cool it's cool.
  3. Very nice. I've owned everything from SCARS to SG552s, M-variants, G36 variants, I'm really big into it. Who makes your M16 SPC? I'll get pictures up later.

  4. I was a somewhat serious player for a while and primarily used a Tokyo Marui M4 AEG until it was confiscated during a misdirected police raid.

    I want to get into playing again with the Colorado Airsoft Association but I don't have the money to buy a new gun just yet. Perhaps some time in the future.
  5. It's an A&K. I wanted something cheap I could build from the ground up, yet still something of decent quality. I've owned Classic Army and Tokyo Marui and liked them both, but unfortunately CA is DAMN expensive now and TM has been lacking in quality. A&K Makes solid starter guns for a decent price.
  6. I have to say that CA has been the one with more lemons anyways now days, I'll hit this back after work :)
  7. I've never really undstood these.... so they're target guns? I know they fire small plastic bbs. How are they propelled? Co2?
  8. Battery operated. They used HIGH powered batteries like the ones you use for professional RC cars. The battery powers a motor, turning a gearbox, cycling a high-powered spring system. The guns are semi/fully automatic, shooting normally from 300-600 FPS. They shoot faster, harder, farther, and WAY more accurately than paintball. This video should give you a decent idea of what they shoot like:
  9. I have an UTG m87 shotgun, but I usually just borrow someone's gun whenever I go out to a field. It's great for a budget starter gun.
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    As far as target guns though, I guess you could call them that. I play with a group in washington ( and we have games every week with larger events (2-4 day long games, yes they are overnight :) ) maybe once every other month. Including but not limited to: Vietnam scenario games/WWII scenario games/Rescue the Hostage games/TONS more. You would be suprised how intense this shit gets. :)

    Considering you just need to buy a shitload of cheap BB's and recharge your battery this is WAYYYY cheaper than paintball. A decent gun will run you 200-400 bucks as well.
  11. Just out of curiosity, why would one purchase these instead of an actual firearm?
  12. i think your missing the point of these spade, this is for recreation, not protection.
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    they can be co2 powered like paintball guns. battery powered like vc77 said. or spring-loaded (air is forced through a nozzle via a manually cocked spring piston).

    as far as my airsoft goes, i have a spring loaded 'pistol'. and a battery powered 'small rifle'. but i never play more than just a few friends in a small living room.

    i like paintball more, but lately i havent had the money, time or motivation to play (speedball, that is).
  14. Oh, no I understand. I'm just curious because of the price. I mean, for the price of some of the rifles, you can buy an actual firearm.

    Just curious is all.

    Im under the impression that you don't shoot people with airsoft guns, like you do with paintballs.
  15. Because we shoot eachother with these. Purely recreational!
  16. If you shoot each other with firearms someone's going to wind up in the hospital.
  17. I know what you're saying :p

    Airsoft is a sport man! If we were running around with actual firearms you would have to call it war instead.
  18. Oooooh okay, Thanks for clearing that up, I thought they were just for target practice.

    Sorry :eek:
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    airsoft is basically cheap, close, painless paintball.

    vc77 that video is your version of airsoft? that just woods paintball but airsoft. that wont hurt, whats the fun. when i play, i play in t shirt and jeans, with ski goggles in a living room. just hide behind a coach or dresser and shot each other. dis fun closer.

    if your playing like that out in the woods, might as well be playing paintball. trust me its much better.

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