Discussion in 'General' started by AggieSmoker, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Well I awoke this morning to the sound of jet fighters flying all about. They are having a big airshow here on Thursday and they are practicing. The airport is only about 1 mile away and our balcony is looking out over it. They have been doing all sort of neat tricks and stuff. Very cool stuff, later I plan on smoking and sitting on balcony to enjoy the sights and sounds. They are Airforce F-16s.

  2. sounds like a cool plan. id like to check out one myself.(your way :D)

  3. aaahhh, i can see the airshow we have here from my deck too! i love it[​IMG]
  4. Wento over to OH for the big Dayton Air Show last year. Baked out of my skull, lol. It's a real treat to see some of the flying. I suggest ya'll check it out if you ever get an air show near ya.
  5. i love air shows.. but their always soo high up there.. they should come down closer to the ground.. makes it more trickey too.. but then they cant fly over people and have to be off to the side.. then some cant see it
  6. Kool and hey is this the jeff i know? in jacksonville sense they just had a air show some time here too.

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