Airpots !

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    If you can get your hands on these.... do it

    7 days from sprout!

    Northern Lights in cocoperlite
    feeding daily at 250ppm

    I have 2 autos in 2 gal ones and the root growth is amazing!
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  2. I was going to go this route but they are too expensive compared to smart bags.

    But yeah, they definitely work good.
  3. expensive ya!

    2 of each 1,2, & 3 gallon with the 4 propagators set me back 150$
  4. Holy poop doggie lol!
    I don't think my entire smart bag collection comes to that and I have up to 24 plants going sometimes, plus a few moms. And with the amount of experimenting I do with different pot sizes for my flowering plants (from 5 gallons up to 15 gallons) that would be a small fortune for me lol!

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  5. I've been using them for years - love them.
    I use a 1ltr propagation air pot for the first two weeks and a 9.2ltr air pot for the rest of the grow.
    I suggest covering the holes to prevent fungus gnats - I use panty hose.
    5a - pantyhose.JPG
  6. I was inspired by yours!!

    I got a couple 12.5's too but after getting them they're kinda big and I'll prob only use them if I do a grow with a longer veg.

    Panty hose is on my list. Love the zap straps too! That solves that problem!

    Thanks Mick
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  7. Ya I really only have room for 2 - 4 plants so.... :)

    I think tho, i'd still get them even if I had 24 plants like you do. I've only been using them for 3 weeks and I don't think i'll ever go back to solid pots
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  8. Same here, no more plastic pots, other than my moms, which I specifically will be trying to root-bound from now on.

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