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  1. Ok so I'm going to alaska this summer 4 a while and I'm plannin on bringing bud. So I got a tiny sealable plastic container I'm guna put a gram bag in that I will then tape to my thigh. This sound like it'll work? Any better ideas?

    Thanx! X-D
  2. I'm pretty sure Alaska has very lenient marijuana laws. It shouldn't be hard to find.

    How long is a gram going to last you anyways?
  3. you gonna blaze in the plane man? fuck that, just wait til you get to alaska, you'll find good shit. not worth getting caught with a gram (potentially) and getting raped in court
  4. I don't wan2 take alot on a plane but I wAnt to bring soMe incase I can't get any there. I'll be staying far from town wit family so a may not have the chance to find some
  5. dude a gram is gunna last you all of an hour if your gunna put your ass on the line go big or go sober my friend.
  6. you will find bud there, no worries man. don't bring it on the plane. if anything bring a brownie with you to eat when you get to the airport so it will kick in while your getting on the plane. :hello:
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    yea bro, not worth it for a gram, like alpha said, how longs that gonna last you anyways? 2 days tops??? thats even a 1 likes to conserve either, especially on vacation. (you wanna indulge if anything :smoke:)
    for the record...back when i was 17ish, i took a little over a quad...probably bout 8 g's of some nice chronic on a flight from chicago (o'hare) to los angelas (LAX). 2 extremely busy airports with mass security and taped it to my inner thigh(an inch away from my cannoli) and had no problem. i dressed really nice, was clean cut, all bright eyed and bushy tailed and made sure i had no metal on me. like i said i was sober for the flight aka i didnt blaze before (didnt want my eyes to be red) all i did was pop a xanax bar so i would just chill and remain calm. eveything went smooth as planned, but i wouldnt do it again nor recomend it...i know of 2 people who got caught tryin to board a flight.
    but ive realized, a true smoker can find nugs anywhere he goes...theres budda everywhere bro, use your stoner insticts and find that ganja. everytime ive gone on vacay ive been able to find some quality bud. just throw on a 'bob shirt and walk down the'll find some, i wouldnt worry about it....just go there enjoy the trip and the buds will come, they always do.
    and dont let your family ruin your trip, bring your little stoner traveling know...pack of gum, bottle of clear eyes and a can of axe or'll be gravy.
    have a good trip man, for real, stay up

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