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Airport Security

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EbencoyE, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. I've never flown with any pieces or bud or anything before but I want to be able to smoke on my vacation.

    Does anyone think I'll have any problems getting a little (used) one-hitter through checked baggage?
  2. proly not, unles dey hav dogs or somethin'. But I wouldn't bring it if I was you unless you have a connect down there. If you have a connect down there then you can go 2 da store & get a dutchy & whateva.
  3. I say bad idea. I've never had any experience with this kind of thing though. I was going to try and take one of those long 1" in diameter candles, drill a hole in the bottom, stick a couple joints inside, then melt the bottom shut. the only thing you hafta keep in mind is never touch the candle after touching anything that has come in contact with weed. You don't want any resins or anything on the outside of the candle. Not sure if that will work but that was what I was going to try.
  4. I wouldn't recommend doing that. If you get caught you're in deep shit, better off going a couple days sober...or drive!:smoke:
  5. just buy some zig zags, put them in your wallet, and keep the ganja in your crotch

    ive never seen dogs at my airport, and its pretty big (international)
    so no, dont worry, just dont look sketch
    even if you get set aside for a "random search" they just run a hand operated metal detector over you, so you should be fine
  6. #6 RepentYeNbelievethegospel, Dec 3, 2008
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2008
    There is a very easy way to smoke on vacation if you are flying.
    IF your bringing a piece, clean it of ALL residue using Iso(rubbing alcohol) and salt. Smell it and make sure you cant smell anything. Then you can usually just stick it in a pants pocket or something in your checked baggage. I took my chillum(similar to a one hitter, glass) and i just put it in the back pocket of some jeans in the middle of a stack of clothes. I was coming back and they searched through my bags for some reason. Left a little notice about bringing lighters, i had some Swishers, and i brought my minibong, with the mini bong i wrapped it up with bubble wrap and a lot of tape, with all the tape you could barely see what was inside, then i put that inside of a sweater. For the bowl i just used a very small piece of bubbler wrap and put a rubber band around that and put that in another pocket. And that was it. Thank god i didnt take my grinder back, i took my dirty grinder with me(didnt clean it at all) on the way there but i shipped it back along with the bud.
    You can mail some food products(good for munchies when you get to your destination) and wrap up the bud airtight and such, bag it up a few times and stick it into a container of food, doesnt really matter what it is, and put container of food into a small box along with soem other snacks stuff any remaining space in the mailing box with newspaper. and seal it up GOOD. mail it priority mail to your destination ahead of time(few days before leaving or so depending on how far your going) and done.
  7. Above post = good. Iso+salt spotless clean would be a must... To add, if you smoke tobacco, clean it good and have some tobacco from it... a pipe that smells like tobacco is even less sus that one that smells like nothing.
  8. my friend actually had a pipe in his bag at the colorado airport, they found it and took it out and showed it to the security guard and the black lady is like "its tobacco, put it back in the bag" and shes like "be more careful next time" and shit hahaha he got so damn lucky. ive walked through airports with pills in my wallet, but i honestly forgot they were there. i was at the terminal and i pulled out my wallet after getting food and im like OH SHIT XANAX, and of course i had to pop them.
  9. I've brought weed with me the last 3 times I've flown. It's really not a big problem at all. Just get a good hiding place in your check-in baggages. I think the best place is to hide it in a tampon. And if youre flying with pieces, as long as they're completely clean, there's no problem.
  10. In my check in bag i brought a switchblade. You should be okay.
  11. my friend (under 21) got through an airport with three bottles of hard liquor and a nightstick in his checked bag.
  12. about a month ago I took a trip to New York with my parents checking out some colleges. I wanted to take a smaller backpack type thing with me to carry some magazines and my skate with me on the plane.

    The backpack she gave me was from like two years ago when i first got caught with the herb. I used to keep my piece in it burried in the closet. She took the backpack and I hadn't seen it since. Bear in mind at the time I took it with me on the trip I completely forgot this was the backpack.

    When I get back from the trip I'm cleaning out my backpack and find my old metal piece from sophmore year burried at the bottom. I put this backpack through the machine and carried it on with me and they didn't even notice. I was pissed that my mom was stupid enough to give me this backpack without taking out the piece that I thought was gone forever. But me and old rusty nonetheless had a fine reunion that night.
  13. so i'm flying tomorrow and i want to take some smoke with me. i rolled it up in black and milds and then melted the plastic to the individual packages so you can't tell they've been opened unless you look really good. do yall think i'll be okay or will they be able to tell?
  14. I wouldnt risk it.
    But IF you have a really really good hiding spot in your check things, along with other packs of the same thing that dont contain weed. You might get away with it, im pretty sure dogs run through teh check baggage though I cant say.

    One time i did a stupid thing such as taking a dirty grinder with me, when i was then flying to another location, i was JUST ABOUT to throw the dirty grinder in my bag, but instead threw it in a box and shipped it. When i got back there were numerous tags and slips in my checked bag, they had gone through every single article, there was EVEN A SLIP ABOUT NOT BRINGING LIGHTERS...ON CHECK BAGS!! wtf I know, but im glad i didnt brind that grinder.

    they will empty out cigs at airports anc check them sometimes though
  15. Stick it up your ass? :)
  16. Dude I go to Orlando airport all the time and theres never dogs there you should just stick all your weed in a bag in your underwear or a pocket or something. As long as your weed doesnt have metal in it your good. Then when you hit your destination just go to a gas station and get a small pipe or some blunts or something. If you see dogs at the gate you should either dump the weed or buy some food in the food court and hide the weed in a bag inside the food, the dogs will smell the weed but the cops will think the just smell your food.
  17. That is a bit extreme..
  18. It's pretty damn easy, if you ask me.

    I worked at an airport, at the security check points. As long as you don't set off the metal detector and haven't been selected for additional screening, you'll be able to walk through with just about anything on your person. Let's not be idiotic and bring an ounce in your pocket, but squeezing a grammer through TSA should be a breeze. Leave the piece at home, and roll up a joint.
  19. I used to work at a canadian airport (not sure where your coming from, but this is what ive seen). security only scans 1 out of every 5 checked bags (for domestic flights. if your flying international bringing weed is a great way to have your ass cherry popped), and only stops the belt if there is a major concern (bomb, guns, so on so forth) so, as long as your weed is in a sealed bag and in another thicker bad (toiletry bag works wonders) you will probably not get caught. however if bag handlers smell weed on your bag they will open it and pocket your stash. (oops)

    Another way to transport weed safely. mail it (once again, not sure about the states). straight up, make sure you seal it up nicely so they cant smell it. and when they ask whats in it just say clothes or some shit. i have recieved weed via mail and never had a probelm, but if they do catch you they do have your address so be careful.
  20. ok so it was like 15 yrs ago but i used to go on the plane with weed in my pocket often!

    and i would send my bong thru in my luggage inside my boot....

    again this was way before 9/11 and all the security hype!

    havent been on a plane since?

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