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Airport security???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by stoned_soldier, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. Hey heads, I'm going to Mexico (from Toronto, Canada) soon and I wanna get some glass or other paraphernalia. And the thing is that my family can only afford transfer flights which means that I'll have to stop in the US. I've stopped over in Miami, Detroit, Fort Wayne (or Fort Worth, Texas?), Newark (they had freaking soldiers in that airport last time I went!!). etc.. I've only flown once after stupid sept 11, so I'm wondering:

    1. What cities are vicious with things like that?

    2. What is considered paraph. and what isn't?

    3. What parts of your body do they check?

    4. Does glass come up on X-Ray?

    stuff like that. What's the safest way to travel? I mean it's not like I'm smuggling druggzz...

    Thanks in advance.. any help would uhh... help... a lot.
  2. One more thing: I'm going during the christmas season.
  3. having a pipe is not illegal unless you're underage (not saying you are). as long as you don't smoke in it until you get home you're allowed to have it.
  4. ^ there ya go, but if your really worried, I just put it in a ziplock bag and then into a shampo bottle or somthing of the sort. Just make sure there is actually shampoo or somthing so it doesn't bang around.

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