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Airport security

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zammitt, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. i was wondering if its illegal to take a pipe through airport security? if you can will they swab it for marijuana residue?
  2. stick it up your ass, they won't find it.
  3. its a zero tolerance policy... so dont bring a pipe..
  4. It's cheap enough to buy a bowl or a blunt or rolling paper wherever you're going, so it's really not worth the risk at all.
  5. If you've used it, don't try to bring it through. Even if you've used it and cleaned it out, it's probably not worth the risk.
  6. do not do it unless you can travel the whole way with it taped to your sack, cause thats the only way to take anything illegal on a plane.
  7. LOL taped to your sack. NOTED.

    smoke out of an apple if your desperate. its fruity just like the weed will be after its taped to your sack/taint for hours on end.
  8. Ya i wouldnt risk it, you can buy pipes everywhere
  9. Can you take a pack of rolling papers on a plane? Seems like that'd be fine as there isn't really any residue that can possibly be on them and you could technically be rolling your own cigarettes...
  10. man one time i brought weed on the plane. but i wouldnt risk it for a pipe
  11. You can take a pipe on a plane if it's never been used. cause technically it's not illegal it's for "tobacco" use. if you already smoked through it and it has residue, then don't try it.
  12. Yes... if it's never been used, it's fine. But, I wouldn't bring it in my carry-on, I'd put it in my checked baggage. You don't want to deal with the questions and shit while going through security.
  13. i think that is half right, my friend brought back a pipe from mexico from spring break in his luggage that hadn't been used, but they are still illegal to possess no matter what. it is still paraphernalia.
  14. they are NOT illegal to possess. they are used for tobacco. it is not illegal at all
  15. Wrong wrong wrong a piece is only illegal if it has marijuana residue. Its usually pretty easy to tell it a pipe is used with weed or tobacco cause the tobacco residue will make you gag when you smell it
  16. yeah man... how would they be mass produced if they were illegal?
  17. It's always possible to encounter some over zealous airport security/customs person who will take it away, but the worst that could happen is the bowl would be taken away. Unless you want to create a scene (and open yourself up to real charges), it would be best just to let them take it.
  18. What you do if you wanna take anything on a plane whether it be weed or a pipe it to take and axe deoderant stick. Take out the white stuff the stick or w/e then put ur stuff in the hollow place where the white stuff was then put the stick back in. They wont smell it cause of the deoderant and there not gonna look there.
  19. Just clean out the pipe and smoke some tobacco out of it and they can't prove it was used for weed
  20. I've done it twice with bowls that had a lot of residue and didn't have a problem. I put it with my toiletries and my bag didnt get searched because it was still at the bottom

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