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Airport security with smoking paraphinalia

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Che Guevara, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I'm going away soon + i was wonderin if i could get busted 4 taking my pipe with me. Would i need 2 clean it v well or sumthin so it didn't hav any burn't cannabis in or wouldn't that matter?

    Thanq i luv u all,
  2. Well, from my understanding as long as your pipe is clean, they won't do shit. But mind you I said clean!! Make sure there is no trace of residue in there. To be on the safe side, buy a bag of smoking tobacco. Burn a couple of bowls through it and pack it with the bowl in your suitecase. That way even if you were questioned (doubtful) you would have a good excuse. Hope this helps.
  3. i think it *would* matter because a) they're using these weird swab-things that test your baggage for drugs/bombs, and can detect traces of drugs, that would have me worried.

    if you're carrying it on your person, i would say that is equally dangerous because they're making people all but strip randomly, and what if it was you? i would definitely clean it, that way you can claim it as a tobacco pipe hopefully and thus they have no proof.

    safe traveling! <3
  4. As a matter of fact my brother works for TSA (Transportation Security Administration), ie screeners, and he said on serval occasions while searching through passengers personal things he has come across many bongs, pipes and sometimes joints concealed in a cigarette box. He said that he doesn't make a big deal of it and lets them go. As long as they don't have a weapon he doesn't care if you have weed or weed paraphanailia(sp) but it all depends on the screener. If you have some asshole that has his day made by busting a pothead then you will be reported. If you have a cool screener who is only concerned about the safety of the passengers, then it's all good. I say be careful, it is hard to tell the assholes from the others.

    Puff, Puff, Pass!
  5. heheh, yeah but you dont really want to take your chance and get a shitty ass screener who enjoys bustin peaceful potheads. But yeah, clean it REAL good and you should be aight dawg, PEACE
  6. I would strongly reccomend putting your weed and utinsel in a checked bag. Try putting your bag (very well sealed) in a full shampoo bottle to mask the scent. And I believe the machines that test for bomb residue don't detect weed.
  7. a new law was passed a month or two ago that says every single bag that goes on the plane has to be x-rayed (with the TV that sees inside of it). so hiding it in anything wouldnt change the fact that they can see it. what i have done in the past, and what i reccomend.. is to just wear 2 pairs of tighty whiteys and stuff it in there, very carefully of course... and make sure there is NO metal or aneyting that would set off a detector anywhere near ur crotch. ive carried shit loads drugs that way, but never really treid a piece...i always thought papers were lots safer and easier.
  8. smuggling nething not metal is not a problem... im currently writing a website on how 2 do it, even wit large quantitys. The one thing i need 2 no about metal xray thingys is can they see through other metal things? ie if i put the pipe inside other metal things will it notice? I hate papers-all the rolling -i jus cant do it v well. btw if ne1 wants any info on how 2 smuggle drugs through airports just email me.

    Luv Everyone,
  9. well-

    X rays can penetrate most substances exept really thick concrete and lead. Lead would probably do the trick any other metal and sorry.
  10. Lead would probably block the x-rays....but wouldn't that seem a little suspicious? They would probably hand check the bag to see what the lead is or what it is hiding. I would go for glass pieces or ghetto homemade bongs when you get there.
  11. once i smuggled a BRASSMETAL pipe through the LAX airport... i just unscrewed everthing and attached parts to my backpack, my suitecase, etc as crappy ornaments. they just let them through.

    if you have a glass piece, you should be fine if its clean.
  12. Thats a good idea! y didn't i think of that? im usually an ideas person... o well, thans for the advice man, ill try it soon! btw unrelated I mangaged to get an 1/8 of excellent quality weed for £3. :) If you overwhelm stupid high school dealers with your knowledge, and they r the kind that got it 4 free, its amazing what you can achive!

    Love Everybody,
  13. number one... whoa they must be REALLY ignorant to give you 1/8th of the CRAPPIEST weed for £3. That's damn good... but don't we call it secondary school in the uk? (i'm assumin the uk cos u've used the "£" sign...
  14. buy a pipe on vacation and if its small just hide it in your sock or wear some shorts under pants and put it in there and what can they really do if u clean it they cant do anything cause u have no marijuana or anything so they cant do anything if its clean
  15. you can always just buy a cheap pipe when you get there so you dont have to worry about getting questioned. When I go on my trip next weekend Im just going to make a couple of cookies to bring with me on the plane.
  16. hello, wat this dude does is his uncle grows it, + basicly he niks it from him. He knows nothing at all about weed, so hes sooo easy to rip off. Dumbass deserves it, I mean he steals it! btw I live in england I thought i'd say high school coz then americans wud understand

    Luv Everyone,

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